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LISTEN: Gary DeMar on Iron Sharpens Iron

Gary DeMar joins host Chris Arnzen and co-host Rev. Buzz Taylor on Iron Sharpens Iron to discuss his new book, Wars and Rumors of Wars, and responds to listener questions from around the globe on various topics ranging from apologetics, eschatology, worldview, and more. This podcast—nine years in the making—is a must listen for those new to postmillennialism […]

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‘Machine Gun Preacher’ Review

The trailer for ‘Machine Gun Preacher’ wowed Christians with it’s explosive action and obvious religious themes. But does the actual film deliver as an edifying and uplifting tale of compassion? or is it merely a overbearing symposium of ‘Machine Gun Preachiness?’ Find out right now, on Movieology!

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The Lesson of the Valkyries

War is the great inevitability in this world, populated as it is with sinful men. Jesus said that we are either for Him or against Him; there is no middle ground. Although many will desperately try to avoid taking sides in the wars that rage all around us, eventually a decision must be made. Neutrality is not an option.

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The Trap of Neutrality

According to a radio editorial some years ago, “a man’s religion and the strength of his conviction are his own personal matter” and therefore “religion should not interfere with politics.”[1] Of course, this too is an expression of humanist neutrality designed to silence Christians but allow for every other conceivable worldview to find expression in the public and political arena.

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The Terror Legacy of the Left

In the July 11, 1968, issue of The Village Voice, Marvin Garson, the pamphleteer of the Free Speech Movement, recounted with pride the bombings which had been the calling card of campus radicals from Berkeley and its environs:

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Memorial Day: Sergeant York (1941)

Memorial Day commemorates American men and women who died while in the military service. It’s not a day to celebrate war. In fact, it should be a day when we reflect on the true costs and consequences of war. I can think of no better way to do this than to offer a review of the film Sergeant York (1941), a war movie that caries an antiwar message. It’s the true story of World War I Medal of Honor recipient Alvin C. York (1887-1964). The York family eked out a meager existence in remote Pall Mall, Tennessee.

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FOX’s Culture War

Significant battles in the culture war are seldom fought in high-profile locations (think Dover, Pennsylvania). Likewise, we are seldom aware that we are witnessing one of these battles until after the fact (think “wardrobe malfunction”). For these two reasons, tonight’s winner of the eighth American Idol (AI) competition – which is held in Hollywood and is being incessantly hyped by the media as a battle between a Christian and an alleged homosexual – finds himself in the unlikely position of not just becoming America’s newest pop-star, but also becoming a casualty in the ongoing culture war.

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Beyond Good and Evil

“It can’t happen here!” How many times have we heard this claim? But it can happen here. Many will tell you that it is happening here. It seems that almost on a daily basis we are losing our God-given rights. Some even make the case that there is a direct assault on the Christian religion because it is the only belief system that puts limits on governments. To grow the State means that biblical law must be reinterpreted or made to disappear altogether. Relegating God to a distant corner of the universe or redefining and remaking Him in the image of the politically empowered emboldens governments to “do what they will" without any regard to any fixed moral foundation.

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Who Killed Jesus & Why it Matters

Anyone with a Bible, and anyone who has been to church around “Easter,”1 knows the sequence of events surrounding the crucifixion. So why hasn’t there been an upturn in attacks against Jews during Lent? The answer is simple: Because Christians do not see today’s Jews as responsible for Jesus’ death. Abe Foxman of the Anti-Defamation League knows this, and every critic of The Passion of the Christ knew it when it hit theaters in 2004. Jews weren’t attacked in the streets when Cecil B. DeMille’s 1927 silent screen adaptation The King of Kings was shown. The same is true of the 1961 version, dubbed “I Was a Teenage Jesus” by critics, when a blued-eyed Jesus was played by Jeffrey Hunter.

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Scapegoating Christians: The New Nazism

John Sack’s An Eye for an Eye is a disheartening book. It tells the story of Jewish revenge against their German oppressors in 1945. The book describes how the Russian liberators of the death camps in Poland recruited holocaust survivors to carry out a policy of de-Nazification of the war-torn area. What began as a desire to find, incarcerate, and try their Nazi antagonists, the Jewish survivors became like their tormentors in that they went after noncombatants.

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World’s Largest (Legal) Ponzi Scheme

Bernard Madoff, former Nasdaq Stock Market chairman and founder of Bernard L. Madoff Investment Securities LLC, was arrested and charged with securities fraud in what federal prosecutors called a "Ponzi scheme" that could involve losses of more than $50 billion. Some of the world’s richest people were duped by Madoff. He was turned in by his two sons. A Ponzi scheme is an investment program that promises to pay unusually high returns to investors after a specified period of time. A pyramid scheme is similar in that the person running the program pays off the early investors from money paid by later investors who were told that they too can get rich. The early investors, who are often unaware of the fraud, are used as testimonials for how well the program works.

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Day of Fasting and Prayer

President Madison proposes a day of thanks to be used by all denominations for prayer and religious reflection. The President specifically asks all to pray for the restoration of peace to the country.

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