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Elizabeth Warren's Plans to Separate Law-Abiding Citizens from their Second Amendment Rights

What present laws would have stopped the latest murder sprees? What about future laws? Red flag laws wouldn't have stopped any of the shooters, but they might bring a cadre of gun-toting government law enforcement agencies down on your house if you are a conservative blogger. All it takes is some disgruntled Leftist (is there […]

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The biblical origins of separation of Church and State

Pastor John MacArthur sat down for an interview with Ben Shapiro. I was glad to see this happen. MacArthur did a good job in presenting the gospel clearly and without compromise. Unfortunately, Shapiro, who is Jewish and very smart, failed to pick up on a big mistake made by MacArthur. (There were other mistakes, too. […]

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Case Studies in Christian Subversion: NEW RELEASE from American Vision

“Guys, I have been very excited about this book. . . .” —Dr. Joel McDurmon Is a Christian ever obligated to disobey the state? And what is the nature of this “holy disobedience” and its consequences? Despite the injunction in Romans 13 for every person “to be subject unto the higher powers,” there is a long and […]

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Beyond Good and Evil

"It can't happen here!" How many times have we heard this claim? But it can happen here. Many will tell you that it is happening here. It seems that almost on a daily basis we are losing our God-given rights. Some even make the case that there is a direct assault on the Christian religion because it is the only belief system that puts limits on governments. To grow the State means that biblical law must be reinterpreted or made to disappear altogether. Relegating God to a distant corner of the universe or redefining and remaking Him in the image of the politically empowered emboldens governments to "do what they will" without any regard to any fixed moral foundation.

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An Opportunity to Advance

The newspaper and news sources in general can be depressing reading these days. No matter who wins in November, America and the world are in for uncertain times. Instead of ruminating over the negative possibilities, Christians should see all of what will be coming as opportunities. It's in uncertain times that Jesus entered the world.

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What Should Christians Do When Under Oppression?

How should Christians respond to reform efforts under political regimes where they have no rights, no freedom of religion, speech, press, or assembly? For the most part, prior to the fall of most of Eastern Europe's Communist governments and the former Soviet Union, Christians behind the iron curtain had little say in the way their nation operated.

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