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Life, Liberty, and Property

God's sovereignty includes ownership of all His creation. Melchizedek, in blessing Abram, said, "Blessed be Abram of God Most High, Possessor of heaven and earth (Gen. 14:19; cf. v. 22). The Bible continues the relationship between sovereignty and ownership by declaring to Israel that all the Earth is His (Ex. 19:5).

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LISTEN: Gary DeMar on Iron Sharpens Iron

Gary DeMar joins host Chris Arnzen and co-host Rev. Buzz Taylor on Iron Sharpens Iron to discuss his new book, Wars and Rumors of Wars, and responds to listener questions from around the globe on various topics ranging from apologetics, eschatology, worldview, and more. This podcast—nine years in the making—is a must listen for those new to postmillennialism […]

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Theonomy: an extension of Calvinism's judicial theology

Dean C. Curry, in a review of Theonomy: A Reformed Critique, writes that John Muether’s “The Theonomic Attraction” is a “first-rate analysis of why theonomy is thriving.”[1] I beg to differ. Curry’s praise for Muether’s evaluation of the “theonomic mind-set”[2] tells me that Curry has done little if any reading of Reconstructionist works. The same […]

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The Calvinists’ Fear of Flying: Clipping Theonomy’s Wings

There is no doubt that Francis A. Schaeffer broadened the appeal of the reformed faith with his popular writing style and activist worldview. Schaeffer's popularity was extensive enough that he was recognized by the secular media as the "Guru of Fundamentalism." [1] Schaeffer filled the intellectual gap that resided in much of fundamentalism. In a […]

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TULIP is not enough: Reformed theology and culture

As a student at Reformed Theological Seminary, I was taught that certain cultural applications flowed from a consistent application of Calvinism. Calvinism is synonymous with a comprehensive biblical world-and-life view. Simply put, I was told that the Bible applies to every area of life. To be a Calvinist is to make biblical application to issues […]

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Putting Principle Before Party

In the made-for-TV-movie Brian's Song (1971), we gain a glimpse of two very different men who become inseparable friends in life and devoted to one another in death. Brian Piccolo (James Caan) and Gale Sayers (Billy Dee Williams) played for the Chicago Bears.

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The Three Purposes of God's Law — An Answer to the U.N. Disabilities Treaty

The U.N. Convention treaty on the Rights of People With Disabilities has been held up in the U.S. Senate now for about a week. Although it was signed by President Obama in 2009 and has bi-partisan support, some U.S. Senators are pausing to consider the outcry of homeschoolers concerned the treaty would  enable “international bureaucrats” to […]

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Libertarianism vs. Theocracy: Is Libertarianism a Christian Political Philosophy?

by Kenneth Gary Talbot, Ph.D. President & Professor of Theology and Apologetics, Whitefield Theological Seminary Board Member, American Vision, Inc. The late Rev. R. J. Rushdoony once wrote, “Few things are more commonly misunderstood than the nature and meaning of theocracy. It is commonly assumed to be a dictatorial rule by self-appointed men who claim […]

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Not Imposing Christianity Through National Law

Is a Christian nation an "Old Testament nation?" Does the Bible tell Christians to follow Old Testament law to the letter? The idea of theonomy is not well-known, but it is strongly debated. Gary and Joel explain the what theonomy is and how it differs from Christian reconstruction.

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A Theocratic Mistake

In a recent interview with The New York Times Magazine, Chuck Colson was asked what he believed was the greatest misconception about Christians. His response was: "That we are intolerant. Christianity has deep convictions about what is true, but I don’t think Christians should impose themselves on people. My greatest concern is theocracy." Now I […]

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The Neglect of the Divine Commands

With the publication of E.C. Wines' Laws of the Ancient Hebrews I've gotten some interesting emails from fellow Christians. Here's a sample of responses when we asked the question, "Should Christians obey Old Testament Law?":

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Without God There is No Law

There are millions of Christians who do not believe the Bible addresses the broader world. Over time, Christianity has ceased to be a comprehensive, world-changing religion. "[W]here religion still survives in the modern world, no matter how passionate or 'committed' the individual may be, it amounts to little more than a private preference, a spare-time hobby, a leisure pursuit."[2]

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