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Secularism Cannot Account for Moral Absolutes but Claims to be Absolute

Why does it seem that the world is running amok? It’s simple. We are sinners in need of redemption. How do we know we are sinners? Because there is a fixed set of moral principles by which we can compare our thoughts and actions and adjust our thoughts and actions accordingly. Steadily over time, we’ve […]

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Judge Gives Bible to Convicted Murderer and Atheists Go Crazy

Amber Guyger was convicted of murder after shooting Botham Jean, an unarmed black man. Guyger thought she was in her own apartment when she returned home, and that Botham Jean had broken into her apartment. She was sentenced to ten years in prison instead of the maximum 28. The brother of the murder victim embraced […]

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Ignorant Baptist Pastor Duped by ACLU

Most pastors these days are not well studied in history, logic, the Constitution, or common sense. It wasn’t always this way. Ministers used to be the most educated men in the community. Few ministers today compare to the intellectual, historical, and rhetorical proficiencies of a colonial pastor. “Unlike modern mass media, the sermon stood alone […]

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The Ten Commandments, Moral Anarchy, and the Secular State

Another Ten Commandments display has been removed from another school, and a nation is shocked when it reads stories about young people raping classmates and murdering school children and its government passing thousands of pages of new laws and regulations that will trample on our basic liberties. Should we be surprised that a fourth-grade student […]

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The Ten Commandments According to the U.S. Government

Every year when Easter rolls around, some TV network shows C. B. DeMille’s 1956 movie, The Ten Commandments. Sometimes, I wonder if the network decision-makers are more theologically astute than we might imagine. The story of Israel’s exodus from Egypt is a story about God’s deliverance of His people. So is the story of Jesus’ crucifixion, […]

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The Grace of Law

[The following is an excerpt from John Calvin’s sermon on Deuteronomy 28:1-2, given on Tuesday, March 10, 1556, as found in The Covenant Enforced (Tyler, TX: ICE, 1990), 84-94.] “If you will hear the voice of the Lord your God, and be careful to fulfill all the commandments I command you this day, all these blessings […]

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Putting a Red-Letter Christian to the Test

Some years ago I was invited to speak to a political science class at Emory University located in Decatur, Georgia. The Christian Right was in the news at that time, and Jerry Falwell’s Moral Majority was getting a lot of negative press. I was asked to shed some light on the controversy. The students were […]

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Commandments, Not Suggestions

It’s only been recently that biblical law has been viewed as non-applicational to contemporary society, by non-Christians and Christians alike. The claim is made that there are so many laws in the Old Testament that would be impossible to apply today. Laws against murder and theft are viewed as self-evident that everyone agrees on. Certainly […]

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The Commandments of Love

How many times have you heard that the Ten Commandments are no longer necessary today? Or that since Christ said that He came to "fulfill the law" (Matthew 5:17), Christians are not obligated to them any longer. Or that the Ten Commandments were given to Israel, not modern America. The list could go on. Many Christians, unaware as they are of the Old Testament, make all sorts of bizarre remarks to avoid facing up to the fact of God’s law. The pertinent question has been phrased many different ways, but essentially it is this: "If not God’s law, which law? And if not God’s law, why not?" In other words, if God’s law has been set aside, which one do we put in its place? And, if we claim that God’s law is no longer binding on individuals, where do we get our biblical justification for claiming this? The answers have been many and varied, but they have seldom been convincing.

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Legalism, the Mosaic Law, and the New Testament

American Vision’s offering of E.C. Wines’ Commentaries on the Laws of the Ancient Hebrews brought many interesting responses. Some of them were troubling. One emailer asked, “Do you want legalism? I sure don’t!” Keeping God’s law is not legalism. Another emailer wrote, “Under the New Covenant, love the Lord God with all thy heart, mind, soul and strength. Love thy neighbor as thy self, encompasses all the law. We are not bound by Mosaic law! [Matt. 22:36-40].” I pointed out that in response to the question by the Pharisees about which is the Greatest Commandment, Jesus quoted the Mosaic law, in particular Leviticus 19:18 and Deuteronomy 6:5. Jesus went on to say that “on these two commandments depend the whole Law and Prophets” (Matt. 22:40). Jesus did not say that because of these two laws the law passes away.

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The Neglect of the Divine Commands

With the publication of E.C. Wines’ Laws of the Ancient Hebrews I’ve gotten some interesting emails from fellow Christians. Here’s a sample of responses when we asked the question, “Should Christians obey Old Testament Law?”:

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Christian Thievery

“You shall not steal” (Deut. 5:19). Most Christians would claim they try their best to live by these words which are a part of the timeless, and still applicable, Ten Commandments given to us in the Old Testament. However, we have a big discrepancy going on with our claim of following God’s commandments, and the […]

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