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Biden Says You are a ‘Terrorist’

The Internet has a long memory. Joe Biden has an Internet trail of gaffes with praises for segregationists and more sinister racial problems. In a 1975 Senate hearing, the legendary civil rights lawyer Jack Greenberg had something to say to freshman Sen. Joe Biden. Greenberg, longtime director of the NAACP Legal Defense Fund, took Biden […]

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Conservatives, Give Up Ayn Rand

Many conservatives look to Ayn Rand to help determine their economic policy. Her book “Atlas Shrugged” was influential in the recent Tea Party movement. Rand’s ideologies are not consistent with her atheistic worldview and as Christians we don’t need Rand to form our economic policies. Watch this episode of Vantage Point for a more detailed […]

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Political Protests and Liberal Hypocrisy

The people of Egypt are protesting in the streets of Cairo, and liberals are ecstatic. They are hoping the Mubarak regime will collapse and the people of Egypt will find their political voice. “The whole world is watching” their anti-government protests. There is no place to hide from the watching eye of the new technology. […]

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Earthquakes, Floods & War: Is It the End of the World?

Every day we hear of earthquakes, war, floods, volcanoes and other disasters and troubles all over the world. Is this a sign of the end of the world? With the advent of the Tea Party movement and the decline of the Republican party due to its compromise and liberal leanings, is there a need for […]

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Driving the Left and Right Crazy

Glenn Beck is driving the Left and the Right crazy. Beck co-opted the Martin Luther King, Jr. “I Have a Dream” celebration and turned it into a near religious revival. This drove Al Sharpton up the wall. His counter event was a non-event. Many on the Right are condemning the efforts of Beck because he’s […]

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Don’t Tread on Me?

Anne Rice’s recent announcement that she was “quitting Christianity” is yet another voice being added to the chorus of modern Christians who claim to have forsaken Christianity. Although there was nothing particularly novel or unique about Rice’s statement, hers has received an inordinate amount of press attention. Apparently now that every drop of crude has […]

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What’s the Modern Definition of a Conservative?

Adam Smith and Edmund Burke are the most significant figures of the founding in the conservative movement of America. Their similarities and differences in the early 19th century formed the basis for the traditional moral values group and the libertarian group comprised in the conservative movement. These two sides of the conservative movement have lasted […]

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From Hope to Barely Holding On

The recession that began in December 2007 produced a change in Americans’ perception of their economic future.  They moved from the tradition of hope to one of just barely hanging on.  I have never seen this before.  Only someone born around 1910 can recall anything like it, assuming that he recalls anything at all. My […]

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Tea Party Invitation, RSVP

The phrase “Tea Party” is synonymous these days with the politics of spending cuts. The big one is the compulsory health insurance law. Tea Party people want it repealed. Yet in the grand scheme of things fiscal, that law is a drop in the tea cup. In my previous report, “A $600+ Billion Spending Cut,” […]

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A Political Insurrection Has Begun

On Saturday, May 8, an extraordinary event took place. United States Senator Bob Bennett, a 3-term Republican, failed to make the cut for his party’s primary. Not only was he not nominated to run, he did not make the cut to get nominated. He was a distant third. Two Tea Party candidates beat him. Bob […]

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Tax Fury on Facebook

On April 13, the Rasmussen polling organization released the latest poll on political opinion. Voters were asked who they would vote for President. Result: President Obama, 42%; Ron Paul, 41%. No other Republican was in double-digits.

This was a bombshell. The Republican Establishment had previously dismissed his win at C-PAC (Conservative Political Action Conference) as manipulated. This was not a scientific poll, they said. But the Rasmussen poll was scientific. Ron Paul is neck-and-neck with Obama.

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Hip-Hop Politics: How to Become a Tack

“If you are in the hip pocket of any political party, prepare to be sat on.” – Gary North

Political victory in the United States is best defined as follows:

Getting your political agenda enacted into law, enforced by the Executive branch, and upheld by the courts.

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