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What You Don’t Know About the Minimum Wage Will Hurt You

The Democrats want to raise the minimum wage to $15 per hour. Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-Mich.) told “attendees at a One Fair Wage event that the federal minimum wage should actually be $20 per hour, not $15 as is currently being pushed by the Democratic Party.” Because governments pass laws that employers must pay a […]

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The Left’s Love Affair with Tyrants and Dictators

During the 1940s and 1950s, Hollywood producers, directors, and actors were being scrutinized for their political beliefs. The period of "red hysteria" put people’s jobs in the film industry in jeopardy. "Artists were barred from work on the basis of their alleged membership in or sympathy toward the American Communist Party, involvement in liberal or humanitarian political causes that enforcers of the blacklist associated with communism, and/or refusal to assist federal investigations into Communist Party activities; some were blacklisted merely because their names came up at the wrong place and time."

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Democrat Calls for Implementation of ‘Democratic’ Socialism “By Any Means Necessary.”

The “public treasury” is money taken from working people. Governments don’t have any money unless they tax people or print money. Both are forms of theft.

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Does the Constitution’s “Welfare Clause” Support a Socialist Government?

Any document can be made to say anything if a word or phrase is taken out of context. Ripped from its context, “judge not” (Matt. 7:1) means something different from the point Jesus was making in the next verse (7:2) and other verses (John 7:24). The apostle Paul had no problem judging the sexual behavior […]

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The ‘Jesus Was a Socialist’ and ‘Property is Theft’ Lies

“You shall not steal” is a fundamental biblical commandment that’s found in both Testaments (Ex. 20:15; 21:16; Lev. 19:11, 13; Matt. 19:18; Rom. 13:9). If property is theft, as one Christian stated on his Facebook page, then every person in the world is a thief because everyone owns something. If property is theft and civil […]

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Some in Hollywood Think Communism is Cool and Christian

Communism has attracted a number of people in Hollywood, from Dalton Trumbo and Burgess Meredith to modern-day communist sympathizers like Sean Penn and Matthew Modine. While they would not support the oppressive actions of Communist regimes, they do like the utopian dreams of Communist theorists. Of course, to get to the fictional OZ, there are […]

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Anti-Capitalist AOC Inadvertently Praises Capitalism

Far-left U.S. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) spoke to a group of adoring fans at the South by Southwest conference who know as much about economics as she does. The question of automation came up: “We should not feel nervous about the tollbooth collector not having to collect tolls. We should be excited by that. But […]

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Ignorance of Socialism is No Excuse

Socialism is all the rage, but few people really know what it is and how it doesn’t work over the long haul. This is especially true of Millennials. “These days, if you hear people spouting the benefits of socialism, don’t assume that they’re talking about the socialism you probably loathe. They’re more likely talking about […]

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The alleged “biblical” values of Ocasio-Cortez’s Democratic Socialism

The folks at Sojourners have been pushing socialism in the name of Jesus and the Bible for decades. Claiming that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s economic policies are “biblical” is the height of absurdity. She does not know anything about economics. Her claim that a $3 billion tax break can be spent is prima facie evidence of her ignorance. Here’s the latest incarnation […]

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Are we really all Socialists now?

We’re being told by some that the people of the United States want socialism. The thing of it is, we already have a mild form of socialism. In it’s now famous “We Are All Socialists Now” cover, Newsweek wrote: The U.S. government has already—under a conservative Republican administration—effectively nationalized the banking and mortgage industries. That seems a […]

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The socialist legacy of Margaret Thatcher

Judging by the reactions to her death, Margaret Thatcher has proved to be as divisive in her death as she was in her life. Social networking sites were full of some predictably vile abuse, conjured up in the dark recesses of some extremely tasteless minds. Then there was the equally predictable adulation by those who seemed to […]

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Memo to Protestant Evangelicals: Do Your Homework Before You Go into Print

Basic to leadership is the requirement to prepare for it. In a new book by British evangelical John Petley, Providence, Piety and Power, we read the following: Socialism has been undermined by politicians like Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan, and by economists like FA Hayek and Milton Friedman, but I am not aware of any book […]

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