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Is Gnosticism Making a Comeback in the Church?

If you want to get a picture of how some Christians understand the nature of their Christian walk, it’s what we are experiencing being cut off from the world while others take control of our lives and we are content to be helpless to do anything about it or should do anything about it.Christians should […]

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Are Christians Anti-Science?

The article below is written by E. Calvin Beisner and originally published at Cornwall Alliance. Cornwall Alliance is “a network of over 60 Christian theologians, natural scientists, economists, and other scholars educating for Biblical earth stewardship, economic development for the poor, and the proclamation and defense of the good news of salvation by God’s grace, […]

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Columbus and the Flat Earth Myth

Each Columbus Day, Christopher Columbus is hammered for his voyages of exploitation of native peoples. At the same time, Christians are ridiculed for once opposing the forward-thinking Columbus and his rejection of the flat earth mythology that was said to have been held by the Medieval church. Is any of it true? I’ll leave the […]

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More Homosexual Penguins on Parade to Propagandize Children

The following is from an article about homosexual penguins and their “gender-neutral” chick: Two female penguins are set to raise the first “gender-neutral” chick, a London aquarium said on Wednesday, the latest same-sex penguin parents to take a furry baby under their wings. Homosexuals have been able to convince many people that homosexual behavior is […]

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Films About Scientists and Science that You and Your Children Should See

While Egypt might be famous for the Pyramids, Rome noted for its roads, aqueducts, coliseums, and Greece celebrated for its philosophers and contributions to medicine, invention and the scientific method are almost exclusively a western enterprise that grew out of a Christian worldview. While not all the great scientists were Christians, they did operate within […]

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Climate Alarmism is the Left’s Apocalypticism

On Rush Limbaugh’s program yesterday (6.24.19), Rush spent some time discussing the HBO show Big Little Lies and how a teacher was scaring children that the world was going to end soon because of Climate Change. One student is so distraught that she hides in a closet and faints. “She’s lying unconscious in the closet. […]

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Did you know you’re related to a rat?

Evolutionists get more desperate every day. They spend billions of dollars to send space probes to distant places in the universe to find signs of life so they can once and for all declare that God does not exist. If they can show that Earth is not the only place where life could have evolved, […]

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The First Church of Liberal Ideology

While there is great disdain for mixing traditional religious principles with science, politics, and morality, secularists don’t seem to have a problem mixing their own brand of religion with their ideology. “For many,” Douglas Young, a professor of political science and history, argues, “their new religion is politics, their faith is their ideology, and their […]

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Beware of ‘Genius’ Grumpy Old Men with Access to the Internet

Another elephant thrower has emailed me. This time it’s a self-professed 76-year-old “grumpy old man” named Neil C. Reinhardt. He’s an atheist, pro-abortionist, hater of religion, and lover of war. He goes by the moniker “religion sucks.” Like so many people who have too much time on their hands, an internet connection, and a bone […]

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Aristotle on Men and Earth

Aristotle’s views on science, politics and ethics had a profound effect on the way Europeans viewed the world and interpreted the Bible. For example, the Church’s battle with Galileo was a philosophical clash over whether Aristotle was right or wrong. As it turns out Aristotle was wrong, the Earth revolves around the Sun. Sadly, Aristotle’s […]

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The Battle for America’s Christian Heritage

The textbooks for all public schools hinge on the choices of the school board of Texas. Now with seven Christian members, this school board is confronted with liberals that object to the Christian record found in American history. Gary reviews the historical record to show what is the truthful conclusion that should be taken with America’s history textbooks.

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Taking on the Textbooks in Error

Public education has textbooks riddled with factual errors, revisionist history, and biased views of science. Some Christians are challenging the status quo, and the liberals are retaliating. Are conservatives in a position to make right the wrongs in these textbooks, and how will the opposition respond? Gary shares his insights.

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