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Is There a Defense for Using Strong Language in an Argument?

Is harsh rhetoric a bad thing? Are there times when it’s OK to let loose with the truth in a way that disturbs some people? I have a saying: “Don’t give anyone a reason to reject your position other than the position itself.” But sometimes reasoned arguments aren’t enough. Often, some people are dismissive of […]

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It’s First About Ethics and Only Secondarily About politics

Question: Why aren’t there enough votes to elect God-honoring candidates? Answer: Because there aren’t enough Christians who understand the basic biblical principles of government. Since the 1976 election, there has been a Christian voting block. Jimmy Carter was the first “Born Again” President. He turned out to be a disappointment. He was pro-abortion, pro-homosexual, and […]

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Bible Prophecy in the White House

Dispensational premillennialism has had an unnatural hold on millions of Christians. War is inevitable. Peace is impossible, and any signs of peace are fake news. The Middle East is a prophetic powder keg ready to explode but not before Jesus removes His church from the earth in something called the “rapture.”

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