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What Does the Bible Mean When It Says Jesus Is Coming ‘Soon’ and that the ‘Time is Near’?

In a previous article, I commented on Ron Rhodes new book Jesus and the End Times. You can read it here. As I mentioned, I’ve dealt with most of the topics he covers in my books Last Days Madness, Wars and Rumors of Wars, and Is Jesus Coming Soon? In this article, I would like […]

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The Rapture on April 23? Let’s end the prophetic nonsense!

According to David Meade, a self-professed ‘Christian numerologist,’ on April 23, 2018, the “rapture” of the church will take place. He bases his claim on an astrological sign that he says is found in the Bible. The sun and moon will be in Virgo, as will Jupiter, which he says represents the Messiah. He assures […]

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How One Little Word Changes Everything in the Book of Revelation. Do You Know What It Is?

Prophetic speculation is rampant. Books dealing with the end times continue to flood the market. Is America part of Bible prophecy? What about Russia? Two recent books. Let’s not forget blood moons . . . earthquakes . . . ellipses  . . . hurricanes . . . wars. Probably the most talked about and written […]

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Prophecy mongers hail “Great Sign” and “End of Days” for sure . . . Again?!?

For more than 40 years I have been following the views of prophecy speculation and the claims made by people about end-of-the-world scenarios. People have short memories, or have no memory, about prophecy speculators who have assured an anxious public that Jesus would return by this or that date. His coming is always said to […]

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Prophecy…is it ‘this’ or ‘that’?

During the round-table discussion phase of the Reno, Nevada, Symposium on the Book of Revelation, each of us was asked what there is about the two competing positions that we say is a positive feature. When premillennialist Jim Hamilton was asked about preterism, you could tell he had a hard time coming up with something […]

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Kicking Against the Exegetical Pricks of ‘This Generation’ in Matthew 24

At the February 23, 2013 Symposium on Revelation, premillennialist Jim Hamilton (Hamilton) took issue with my argument that the phrase “this generation” refers to the generation to whom Jesus was speaking. During the critique session, Hamilton argued that “this generation” in Matthew 24:34 and elsewhere in the gospels means a “type of generation” rather than […]

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Making the Clear Confusing: A Response to John Murray’s Exposition of Matthew 24–25

On February 23, 2013 I participated in a Symposium on the book of Revelation with Sam Waldron (SW) who holds to an Idealist interpretation and James Hamilton (JH) who holds to a Futuristic Premillennial (non-dispensational) interpretation. I represented the Preterist position. We each had 55 minutes to present our case. We then had 20 minutes […]

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Shouldn’t Revelation be interpreted literally?

In preparation for the Reno Symposium on Revelation, I did a lot of preparation work. Some of it I was able to use (some of which you can find here). The following concerns the claim that Revelation should be interpreted in a consistently literal way. Nobody interprets the book of Revelation literally, as the word […]

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Exegetical gerrymandering and the time texts of Scripture

On February 23, I participated in a Symposium on the book of Revelation in Reno, Nevada (you can find supplemental study material here), with Dr. James M. Hamilton, Jr. Dr. Hamilton is the author of Revelation: The Spirit Speaks to the Churches. He serves as Associate Professor of Biblical Theology at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. He […]

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Reading Revelation with Biblical Eyes

In preparation for “Revelation: An Evangelical Symposium” to be held on February 23, 2013 in Reno, Nevada, that will explore three different views of the book of Revelation, I’m developing a series of questions that people might ask about the preterist view of Revelation. All three positions (preterist, futurist, and idealist) will consider when prophetic […]

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The Seven-Year Tribulation: Clarifying Tommy Ice’s Clarifications (7)

As I’ve shown in previous articles (they can be referenced here, here, here, here, here, and here), Tommy Ice has not supplied a single verse that supports either a pre-tribulational rapture or a rebuilt temple. Let’s move on to the third question that I ask of dispensationalists:  3. Where in Revelation is the seven-year tribulation […]

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The ‘Rapture’: Clarifying Tommy Ice’s Clarifications

This is the fourth installment of my response to Tommy Ice’s article “Answers and Clarifications for Gary DeMar.” You can reference the other three here, here, and here. I don’t expect Tommy or Brannon Howse to read them as thoroughly as I tried to write them, but I don’t want it to be said that there […]

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