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The Good Old Days Weren’t All that Good

It’s 2013, and to the surprise of many, we’re still here. We don’t know what the future will bring. With that in mind, many people are nostalgic for the past. Not so fast. The writer of the biblical book Ecclesiastes puts the past in perspective when he writes: “Do not say, ‘Why is it that […]

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Joel McDurmon Interview on Apologia Radio

Ever hear a church getting prank called? This is a must hear and must share radio broadcast of Apologia Radio! On this exciting, hilarious and theologically informative broadcast, Jeff Durbin and the gang interview Joel McDurmon on his book “Restoring America one county at a time” as well as “God vs. Socialism”. How can we […]

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Joel McDurmon Interview on the Real Side with Joe Messina

Joel was recently interviewed by Joe Messina on God v Socialism and Restoring America One County at a Time. Listen Here:

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