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Earthquakes, Floods & War: Is It the End of the World?

Every day we hear of earthquakes, war, floods, volcanoes and other disasters and troubles all over the world. Is this a sign of the end of the world? With the advent of the Tea Party movement and the decline of the Republican party due to its compromise and liberal leanings, is there a need for […]

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Stop Power Politics NOW!

American Vision is putting together a collection of books that have defined the conservative movement for the past 60 years. One is Phyllis Schlafly’s A Choice, Not an Echo, an insider’s guide to the back-room dealings of Republican insiders to gain control of the taxing power of the State, maintain the status quo, and maintain international equilibrium, all for fun, power, and profit.

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Do We Need Social Justice?

The concept “social justice” means different things to different people. Justice is often equated with social equality, a mistaken notion if there ever was one. In looking for a helpful way to explain the meaning of justice, baseball comes to mind. Rarely are teams equal in ability. This is especially true with the younger age groups. What if umpires had the jurisdictional authority to level inequities at the request of a manager who believes that the opposing team has better players? Both teams know the rules going into the game. Umpires are present to ensure that the rulebook is followed to the letter. As long as the players and coaches follow the rules and umpires enforce the rules, justice prevails even if there are inequities. It is not the job of an umpire to eliminate disparities. Who would ever want to play the game if the rules always change at the discretion of an umpire?

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The Talent and The Optics

The two stars of the recent election were Barack Obama and mainstream media

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One Party, Two Party, Three Party, Four

Trying to get elected as a third party candidate in American politics is extremely difficult if not impossible since the electing process is not by majority vote. Ballot access is also an obstacle since third parties have to meet additional criteria not required of Republicans and Democrats. Reform Party candidate Ross Perot was able to […]

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D. C. Confidential

It’s no secret that thousands of money- and power-hungry politicians have wormed their way into the U.S. House of Representatives, a body of declining repute, and one that more resembles the Mafia than anything else.

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