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Family Culture vs. Pop Culture

Although it is never objectively accurate to say that a certain time period was “the good old days,” there are many positive values that our society has lost in the past 150 years. One of the most tragic of these losses was the disintegration of the family culture, and especially multi-generational connections and legacies. Because […]

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Watch This Video: 7 Lies About Homeschoolers Busted!

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Do You Really Want Washington to Make Budget Cuts?

In America’s current economic state, many propose cutting the budget. But when you get down to talking of cutting specific programs such as Medicare, Social Security or government education people start to balk. Most people are not willing to give up a government program that they benefit from, but ultimately we will have to give […]

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Our Churches Are Dying

The statistics are staggering, 80% to 85% of young people leave the Church, never to return. As evolution, humanism and atheism continue to infiltrate our schools, theaters, magazines and television, our young people are faced with hard questions. If we send our children out into the world, unequipped to answer the hard questions and lacking […]

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Judge in Favor of Christian References in Public Schools

Michael Newdow lost the case to remove Christian posters, banners, and the like from a public school in California, thanks to a judge that understands (at least, somewhat) that America’s civil government has historically openly referenced the God of Christianity. Gary DeMar predicts what the secularists next strategy will be to thwart this religious victory in the civil arena.

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Christian Teacher is Backed by Federal Judge

A federal district judge in California has ruled against a public school that sought to force a teacher to take down his classroom banners. This issue and the potential consequences are discussed in today’s show.

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The Battle for America’s Christian Heritage

The textbooks for all public schools hinge on the choices of the school board of Texas. Now with seven Christian members, this school board is confronted with liberals that object to the Christian record found in American history. Gary reviews the historical record to show what is the truthful conclusion that should be taken with America’s history textbooks.

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Taking on the Textbooks in Error

Public education has textbooks riddled with factual errors, revisionist history, and biased views of science. Some Christians are challenging the status quo, and the liberals are retaliating. Are conservatives in a position to make right the wrongs in these textbooks, and how will the opposition respond? Gary shares his insights.

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The National Reform Association

In 1861, a small Presbyterian denomination known as the Covenanters, founded in 1809 in Western Pennsylvania, created a petition that pointed out that the Constitution made no reference to Jesus Christ and the law of God.  “The petition received initial support from Senator Charles Sumner, and in 1862 two Covenanter ministers presented the document to […]

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Obama: First Father, Chief Principal, and Head Psychologist

In a letter sent to the nation’s school principals, the U.S. Department of Education has announced that, on September 8, at 12 noon Eastern Daylight Time, President Barack Obama “will deliver a national address to the students of America.” The letter “encourages students of all ages, teachers, and administrators to participate in this historic moment by watching the president deliver the address, which will be broadcast on the White House website.”

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If You Really Want to Rescue America

Parents: Be sure you home school for the right reason. Just because the public schools have failed spiritually, morally, and academically is only a minor part of the reason. God desires that you do it. In addition, only in the loving, dedicated environment of a home will the great leaders (as youths) be nurtured; those who’ll be re-supplying a world devoid of leaders.

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