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Have Christians Become Numb Over the Abortion Debate?

Liberals win because they fight. Liberals win because they don’t quit. Liberals win because they believe in what they’re fighting for. Over the years, I’ve noticed that Christians don’t know how to fight even though the Bible says that we are to put on “the full armor of God.” Finally, be strong in the Lord […]

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Darwin’s Dangerous Idea and Its Real-World Consequences

The Christian begins with the presupposition that God created the universe and man as a special creation different in kind from both inanimate and other animate creations. In fact, man is so special, the Bible tells us that he is created in the “image of God” (Gen. 1:27). One of these image attributes is the […]

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When Homosexuals Fire-Bombed a Pastor’s Home

Homosexual groups have thrown blood in church sanctuaries and fire-bombed the home of a San Francisco pastor because they did not like his politics. They deserved to have their church doors locked and their ministers run out of town for the good of society.

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