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“Rapture” thinking and political paralysis

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is coming under fire for a speech he gave in 2015 while serving as a Congressman: Dangerous Christian extremist: Trump’s Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is caught on video promoting the Rapture. Social media is on fire after a 2015 video has been rediscovered showing Secretary of State Mike Pompeo […]

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The truth about the “good old days”

I once wrote about how earthquakes were not a sign of the last days and the soon coming of Christ. I received the usual pile of vitriolic email. Words like “stupid,” “lukewarm,” and “heretical” were thrown about. One response always stands out: “times keep waxing worse and worse!” The most interesting response came from a […]

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The Paralysis of Pessimism (MP3 Download)

Gary DeMar addresses the Paralysis of Pessimism (2011). This free audio MP3 download is available from American CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD >>

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