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The Best Movies of 2011

2011 had it’s fair share of awful films. To help you weed through the muck of Hollywood trash, we’ve sifted through our archives to see which films stood out the most in Movieology’s reviews. Here are the best of the best films that we evaluated during 2011. While we may not have seen every film, we did our best to catch all the potential “greats.”

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‘Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2’ Review – Movieology

It all ends in this film. Harry Potter will defeat the one we don’t speak of, or fail the magic and muggle worlds completely to their ruin. So does ‘The Deathly Hallows Part 2’ go out on a high note and give us something more than wizardry propaganda? As worldview enthusiasts, how do we identify the differences in worldview constructs seen throughout the ‘Harry Potter’ mythos? Joseph explores the overarching abstracts of J.K. Rowling’s magical kingdom in this episode of Movieology!

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Interview: Does Anyone Really Listen to Film Critics? – Movieology

Most moviegoers pick and choose films they’ll see in theaters from the influence movie trailers and marketing. So what are the movie critics there for? With so many secular critics out there providing every imaginable point of view on films, why is it we don’t thoughtfully consider their take on movies before spending money at the box office? Joseph Darnell continues to interview Clark Douglas on these issues and more in this episode of Movieology!

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The Lincoln Lawyer Review – Movieology

The Lincoln Lawyer is about a defense attorney who conducts his business from the back of his Lincoln Towncar. Attorney Mick Haller, played by Matthew McConaughey, has made a name for himself defending run-of-the-mill thugs and ruffians, but he may be in over his head defending a rich, society boy accused of rape and murder. […]

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Red Riding Hood Movie Review – Movieology

In an attempt to cash in on the overwhelming popularity of the Twilight films, Red Riding Hood is a sensual, gothic retelling of the classic fairy tale. In this version of the tale, a small town is terrorized by a werewolf who, for many years has left the village alone but has recently started killing […]

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Review of “Battle: Los Angeles” – Movieology

In Battle: Los Angeles, aliens attack Earth to steal our water and the United States military is our last line of defense. A tough group of marines, led by Sgt. Michael Nantz (Aaron Eckhart), fight relentlessly to defend Earth from the alien siege. Boasting epic battle scenes and state of the art special effects, Battle: […]

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Movie Review of Rango – Movieology

An awkward chameleon bites of more that he can chew when he poses as a tough guy and becomes the town of Dirt’s new sheriff. Featuring the voice talents of Johhny Depp, Bill Nighy and Abigail Breslin, “Rango” boasts beautiful computer animation, quirky characters and an original plot. Watch this episode of Movieology for a […]

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Movieology: Chance Versus Providence in the Movie ‘Unknown’

This week, Movieology reviews Unknown, an action film starring Liam Neeson, that dominated the box offices over it’s opening weekend. In it, Dr. Martin Harris (Liam Neeson) wakes after a car accident to discover that his wife doesn’t recognize him and another man has assumed his identity. The film follows his quest to uncover the […]

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Introducing Movieology: Will Best Picture Go To Yet Another Holocaust Film?

Presenting the very first episode of Movieology! Today’s episode is a bit unusual as we are covering 10 films instead of our regular format of 1 movie per episode – which also accounts for the lengthened duration. Today we take a step back and reflect on the best films of 2010 and discuss the nominees […]

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Dreamers and Doers

In what might be classified as an “entertainment irony,” it has taken a straightforward film set in the past to pry the public’s attention away from a complicated film set in the future. With all of the overblown adoration and critical acclaim being heaped on Inception—Christopher Nolan’s most recent movie—for the last six months or so, […]

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I Remember Mama (1948)

Worldview Observation: The family, not the State, is the basic government of society. “The nuclear family is the central building block of Western civilization.” [1] A few weeks ago I was in Los Angeles working on a film project with Darren Doane, director of Collision (2009). Mostly I was observing. At the end of the […]

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Our Churches Are Dying

The statistics are staggering, 80% to 85% of young people leave the Church, never to return. As evolution, humanism and atheism continue to infiltrate our schools, theaters, magazines and television, our young people are faced with hard questions. If we send our children out into the world, unequipped to answer the hard questions and lacking […]

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