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Our government makes us play with Monopoly money

The game of Monopoly debuted in 1935 during a time of financial recovery after a steep economic downturn called the Depression from which we’ve never really recovered since government intervention created the Depression and every economic downturn since. A similar game was developed by Elizabeth (Lizzie) J. Magie Phillips in 1903. The Landlord’s Game, as it was called, […]

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‘Moneyball’ Review

Based on a true story, ‘Moneyball’ is a movie for anybody who has ever dreamed of taking on the system. it features a stellar cast, and a relatable subject matter, but does this film knock it out of the park? or does it strike out with runners in scoring position? Ah…baseball metaphors. Find out right now, on Movieology!

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Phony as a Counterfeit $100 Bill

The average American and most Christians have grown up with a “smorgasbord theology.” As a result, they can no longer tell the real from the counterfeit. The writer to the Hebrew Christians describes this mind-set. He stops in mid-thought, wanting to explain the priesthood of Jesus and how it is similar to the priesthood of […]

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There is No Money

On May 17, David Laws, the new British government’s Chief Secretary to the Treasury, walked into his office. There on the desk was a note from the previous holder of this high office, Liam Byrne, who had departed along with Gordon Brown’s Labour Party cabinet. The note was brief. “Dear chief secretary, I’m afraid there […]

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Why Do Some Coins Have Ridges?

Gary talks about the history of our coins and the purpose of the ridges that some coins have on their edges.

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Give me Money!

The Bible does not minimize the importance of economics. The Garden of Eden makes mention of gold and precious stones: “The gold of that land is good” (Genesis 2:11-12). Jesus used money as a teaching device in many of His parables. John MacArthur, pastor of Grace Community Church, Panorama City, California, said that

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It Can’t Happen Here

Sociologist William Brustein went to Berlin a few years ago to tour the city. As his bus tour passed the bunker where Hitler spent his last days, the guide told how Hitler had seized power and fooled the German people. He assured the tour that “It would never happen again.”

Brustein knew the guide was wrong. His many years of study had convinced him that “It could happen again.” Brustein knew he would need empirical data to prove that the elements that brought Hitler to power lie just below the surface of all societies.

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Do We Need Social Justice?

The concept “social justice” means different things to different people. Justice is often equated with social equality, a mistaken notion if there ever was one. In looking for a helpful way to explain the meaning of justice, baseball comes to mind. Rarely are teams equal in ability. This is especially true with the younger age groups. What if umpires had the jurisdictional authority to level inequities at the request of a manager who believes that the opposing team has better players? Both teams know the rules going into the game. Umpires are present to ensure that the rulebook is followed to the letter. As long as the players and coaches follow the rules and umpires enforce the rules, justice prevails even if there are inequities. It is not the job of an umpire to eliminate disparities. Who would ever want to play the game if the rules always change at the discretion of an umpire?

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Shrink to Win Precedents are Not Hard to Find

Come on, Peggy Noonan. You’re smarter than that.

When Sen. Arlen Specter (R – no, it used to be an R but now it’s D-Pa.) decided late in April that it would be more comfy during his sunset years to be part of the political majority instead of a pitiful and impotent minority, the argument broke out all over the place. What could Republicans do to stanch the flow of blood?

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Economic Lessons from the 5th Grade

Jeff Foxworthy became famous and made a fortune with Red Neck jokes and comedy tours. He’s parlayed his notoriety and down-home humor into a popular TV game show called "Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader?" You can test your 5th-grade knowledge with an online ten-question test. The show has proved to be hugely popular. I doubt that the questions on the show accurately reflect what is really being taught in the typical 5th grade classroom considering the general ignorance of the American public.

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