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Prophecy Speculation and the Days of Noah

Ray Comfort’s film Noah and the Last Days isn’t so much about Noah and the flood. Instead, it’s a way to introduce the topic of end times’ speculation with the claim that there are 10 signs that are indisputable evidence that we are living in the last days. This is an old overused story. Comfort […]

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Eschatology and Biblical Apologetics: A Fundamental Link

The Bible is literature and needs to be interpreted in terms of its own standards. In fact, the word “literal” means “according to the literature.” What type of literature is being used? Modern-day prophecy writers give ammunition to sites like Black Nonbelievers, Inc. because they manipulate the plain meaning of the text in order to support their speculative failed end-time prophetic views.

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Is Jesus Coming Soon? A response to a critic

I received an email from an AV supporter that was sent to him by his sister-in-law. My comments are in bold below:

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Wars and Rumors of Wars: An Introduction

Wars and Rumors of Wars Audio Commentary By Gary DeMar ******************** The first three audio presentations cover the Introduction to Wars and Rumors of Wars. I do not cover everything that’s in the book. You’ll want the book edition to study the Bible references and footnotes. The fourth audio in this series is a critique […]

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Prophecy…is it ‘this’ or ‘that’?

During the round-table discussion phase of the Reno, Nevada, Symposium on the Book of Revelation, each of us was asked what there is about the two competing positions that we say is a positive feature. When premillennialist Jim Hamilton was asked about preterism, you could tell he had a hard time coming up with something […]

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Kicking Against the Exegetical Pricks of ‘This Generation’ in Matthew 24

At the February 23, 2013 Symposium on Revelation, premillennialist Jim Hamilton (Hamilton) took issue with my argument that the phrase “this generation” refers to the generation to whom Jesus was speaking. During the critique session, Hamilton argued that “this generation” in Matthew 24:34 and elsewhere in the gospels means a “type of generation” rather than […]

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Audience Double-Talk in the Olivet Discourse

During the Question and Answer session at the Reno Symposium on Revelation, Sam Waldron said that he followed John Murray’s interpretation of Matthew 24 and 25. Since there was no time for cross examination, I was not able to respond (we were all put in this position). So I have taken some time to work […]

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Making the Clear Confusing: A Response to John Murray’s Exposition of Matthew 24–25

On February 23, 2013 I participated in a Symposium on the book of Revelation with Sam Waldron (SW) who holds to an Idealist interpretation and James Hamilton (JH) who holds to a Futuristic Premillennial (non-dispensational) interpretation. I represented the Preterist position. We each had 55 minutes to present our case. We then had 20 minutes […]

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Interpretive Gymnastics

I’ve been reading through the book The Big Three: Major events that Changed History Forever written by Dr. Henry Morris III, the son of Henry Morris who co-authored The Genesis Flood with John C. Whitcomb in 1961. In The Big Three, Morris has a chapter with the title “Interpretive Gymnastics.” A good title. He writes: […]

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One Christian’s “Fringe” is another Christian’s Orthodoxy

The newspapers are commenting regularly on the Harold Camping claim that a so-called rapture will take place on May 21, 2011 with the end of the world to following on October 21st. Here’s one that National Public Radio (NPR) posted on its website: “Is the End Nigh? We’ll Know Soon Enough.” Even the international press […]

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Don’t Be Afraid to Put Your Prophetic Views to the Test

Every time American Vision posts an article on eschatology or sends out an email promoting a prophecy product, we get quite a few emails from people who get upset with us, actually with me. The email advertisement promoting John Bray’s Matthew 24 Fulfilled was no exception. I got the usual rants: “You’re ignorant when it […]

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Matthew 24: A Summary

Matthew 24 may be the most misinterpreted passage of Scripture and is one of the pillars of dispensationalism. In this episode, Gary quickly goes through the chapter, dispelling the myths and misinterpretations.

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