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It’s First About Ethics and Only Secondarily About politics

Question: Why aren’t there enough votes to elect God-honoring candidates? Answer: Because there aren’t enough Christians who understand the basic biblical principles of government. Since the 1976 election, there has been a Christian voting block. Jimmy Carter was the first “Born Again” President. He turned out to be a disappointment. He was pro-abortion, pro-homosexual, and […]

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Are we really all Socialists now?

We’re being told by some that the people of the United States want socialism. The thing of it is, we already have a mild form of socialism. In it’s now famous “We Are All Socialists Now” cover, Newsweek wrote: The U.S. government has already—under a conservative Republican administration—effectively nationalized the banking and mortgage industries. That seems a […]

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Winston Churchill’s Choice Words for Obama’s “Gay Pride Month”

  This month the U.S. federal government has officially endorsed America’s fourth “Gay Pride Month” in the last dozen years. President Bill Clinton originally declared June “Gay Pride Month” in June of 2000, and President Barack Obama has continued that tradition ever since June 2009. [1] These declarations foreshadowed his announcement shortly before Mother’s Day […]

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‘In Time’ Review – Movieology

In Time proposes a system where time is money, and the wealthy can live forever. The poor die young, and ‘the rich never live’ they say. It’s up to Will Salas to liberate mankind from the market of commoditized time. So does capitalism rule over this sci-fi adventure? Or does marxism steal this twisted romance? Find out now on Movieology!

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‘Cars’ Movie Review – Movieology

Pixar’s latest ‘Cars 2’ has critics in a tail spin and speeding away from theater showings. What’s so different from this film and the popular prequel of 2006? On this episode, we have Ben Hodges as a guest reviewer to go in-depth into the first ‘Cars’ film to give us some insights into what might be influencing public opinion of the sequel. Have you seen the earmarks of socialism, and even Marxism in the original ‘Cars’? Ben uncovers these and more on today’s Movieology!

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Taxing and Regulating Us to Death

Isabel Paterson writes in her book The God of the Machine, “Most of the harm in the world is done by good people, and not by accident, lapse, or omission. It is the result of their deliberate actions, long persevered in, which they hold to be motivated by high ideals toward virtuous ends.” [1] Thomas […]

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Popular Culture as a Worldview Wedge

Similar to the way potholes develop, shifts in worldviews occur below the surface with a persistent gradualism until the foundation stones are broken apart. The early Fabian Socialists loved symbolism and depicted their principles in their Fabian Window that was designed in 1920 by George Bernard Shaw. The Fabians chose a wolf in sheep’s clothing as one of their symbols.

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A Spectre is Haunting America. Don’t Let It

Now that what some might call the "unthinkable" has actually happened, it’s certain that a vital remnant in the Church will wake up and realize that, it’s time to start paying attention. Had McCain won, the Christian Right likely would have given another overconfident sigh of relief, hoping that the other side would somehow not be able to advance its anti-Christian offensive in 2012. (It would have advanced anyway.)

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Chiropractic Christianity

Although it wasn’t planned this way, Joel’s article yesterday serves as a great lead-in for this one. If there was a take-home lesson from yesterday’s piece, I would venture to guess that it could be summed up by a quote that Gary North is rather fond of using: You can’t fight something with nothing.

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