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Is a Biblical Worldview Really Necessary?

Do you have to have a biblical worldview to be involved in worldview issues? Gary addresses this topic as it relates to healthcare, homosexual marriage and other issues facing us today. Does the Bible limit government involvement in our lives?

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Marriage and the Declaration of Independence

So called conservative Ted Olson has advocated that the Declaration of Independence supports gay marriage. Gary DeMar shows that Olson is in major error, and further defends a biblical view of what marriage is really based upon.

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“The Conservative Case for Gay Marriage”?

Theodore Olson has written a cover story for Newsweek magazine with the title “The Conservative Case for Gay Marriage.” You may remember Ted Olson as an Assistant Attorney General (Office of Legal Counsel) in the Reagan administration. While serving in the Reagan administration, Olson defended the President during the Iran-Contra affair. Olson successfully represented George W. Bush in the Supreme Court case Bush v. Gore in the highly contested 2000 Presidential election. He was married to fellow-conservative and author Barbara Olson who was a passenger on the hijacked American Airlines Flight 77 that crashed into the Pentagon on September 11, 2001.

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A Defender of Homosexuality Responds (Caution: Some Adult Material)

I received a lengthy response to my May 4, 2009 Blog article, “Penguins, Dog Vomit, and Human Sexuality.” Instead of the usual name-calling, foul language, unprintable comments, and just plain vileness, the emailer’s response was measured and thoughtful. I suspect that many people would be convinced by some of his argumentation because they are not in the habit of thinking arguments through. To be fair, I am including the content of his entire email. My comments follow in bold after each of his response section…

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Homosexual Marriages: Square Peg, Round Hole

Abortion opinion has shifted in the past thirty years from majority approval or indifference to majority dissent because more Americans are aware that abortion kills a preborn baby. Technology has given us a window to the womb. Take a look at the GE 4D Ultrasound. The images are astounding. If the media ever tell the truth about homosexual behavior, public opinion will change. Homosexuals know this, so they are working overtime to get laws on the books that will eventually negate any later shift in public opinion.

Stephen Hendricks, vice president of PRIDE, a Montana homosexual “rights” advocacy group, has argued for homosexual marriage for some time. His latest entry was published on January 9, 2009 in celebration of “National Freedom to Marry Day.” He writes: “Fortunately, prejudice is starting to [crumble]. Polls show 75 percent of Americans think gay marriages will eventually be legal. About a third want it to happen, a third don’t and another third don’t care. (Among college students, three in five think gays should be able to wed.)” The reason there has been a shift in opinion is because the mainstream media refuse to define homosexuality. The euphemism “gay,” like the use of “pro-choice” for killing pre-born babies, masks what homosexuality really is. It doesn’t take long to get young people to reject homosexual behavior. I’ve accomplished it in less than 15 seconds. Aversion to abortion, the holocaust, and lynching are made more real when people see the images of the behavior.

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Antonio Gramsci Wears Prada

There’s a scene in The Devil Wears Prada (2006) where “Andy,” played by Anne Hathaway, observes the “Devil” in action as she takes notes at her first fashion run through. She is told to “stand, watch, and listen” by Art Director Nigel. It’s at this point in the film that we get an understanding of how all-inclusive and intrusive worldviews are. Andy is the co-assistant to a powerful and demanding fashion legend who is feared, envied, and loathed as she presides over Runway magazine – the bible of the fashion industry – that can make or break a career or a business.

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Why Rev. Falwell & AV Will Reach Accord

Shortly after the election, Rev. Jonathan Falwell, senior pastor of Thomas Road Baptist Church in Lynchburg, Va. proclaimed his hopes and concerns about the future. He asked that all of us pray diligently for the new administration, but wisely stated that Conservative Christians are concerned that President-elect Obama’s worldview [runs counter to] our own on some key issues, specifically in terms of our pro-life, pro-traditional family principles.

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What About Theocracy?

The August 16, 2008, Obama-McCain "Forum on the Presidency" at Rick Warren’s Saddleback Church unexpectedly released two major political genies. First, the responses to Warren’s questions about a "Christian" worldview and the two candidates’ views on marriage and abortion led to shocks which, overnight, made Obama significantly less attractive while McCain gained ground.

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Church Leadership Weakens the Drive to Protect and Preserve Marriage and Morality in Oregon

For two months now it has become increasingly clear that many, if not most, of the leading Evangelical Churches in Oregon have given up the battle to protect and preserve traditional marriage.

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Trying to Use the Bible to Justify Homosexual Behavior

An article appeared in the March 10, 2007 issue of the Marietta (Georgia) Daily Journal with the title “Homosexuals try to find place in Christianity.” Substitute the words “thieves,adulterers,liars,drunkards,murderers,” and any other group of sinners,

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