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The Next Sexual Domino to Fall: Monogamy is Not ‘Natural’

For decades those opposed to homosexual normalcy and homosexual marriage have made it clear that there’s a larger agenda in view. Polygamy, pedophilia, and now the end of monogamy are on the table. Supporters of homosexuality didn’t want to talk about this slippery slope, but the logic of their position was inevitable given that there […]

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If you believe in traditional marriage you’re a segregationist

Traditional Marriage is a union between a man and a woman at the most intimate level. It’s Traditional Marriage not because a group of people decided to make it so. It’s traditional marriage because God made it so and made men and women biologically suitable that makes it so. The two become “one flesh” (Gen. […]

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Atheists Have No Business Suing over Marriage (or Anything)

An atheist organization has sued the Indiana state government over its marriage statute. The atheists are arguing that the law forbids them from having their own non-religious official perform a marriage ceremony. This is where I start asking a few questions. Here’s the first one: Where in the atheistic evolutionary worldview is marriage necessary or […]

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The Real Bible and Sexuality

I’m always intrigued when I see an article on a liberal website deal with some biblical topic. I hope for the best, but I expect the worst. The latest article is written by Amy-Jill Levine and Douglas Knight for the Huffington Post. The title is simple enough: “The Bible and Sexuality.” There is more equivocation […]

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Religious Exemptions in the Legalization of Same-Sex Marriage Won’t Last

New York’s recent decision to legalize same-sex marriage marks a big triumph for the homosexual community. The decision passed, partly due to two Republican senators who had previously been undecided voting yes and partly due to stronger religious exemptions than previous versions of the law. Gary talks about the pitfalls of this “two-kingdom” mindset, in this edition of Vantage Point.

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Is There a “Gay” Gene?

Does a genetic predisposition excuse and justify homosexuality? If so, why fight cancer, obesity and aggressive behavior since they have been show to be influenced genetically? Gary dissects the illogical arguments of the pro-gay crowd on this edition of Vantage Point.

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Gay Marriage Should Not be Banned Says Rep. Simon

There has been much passionate debate over the legalization of homosexual marriage, with illogical arguments on both sides. Rep. Simon of Minnesota states some very unfounded and illogical arguments in favor of homosexual marriage. In this episode of Vantage Point, Gary takes these arguments apart and shows why they are faulty.

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Should Rape be Illegal?

According the the Proposition 8 decision, religion can no longer be considered when determining whether a sexual practice is morally and legally wrong. But this creates a few problems. When you take away religious considerations, there are quite a few evils left open for debate. For instance, apart from religious morality, how can you argue […]

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Homosexual Marriage Isn’t as Good as Heterosexual Marriage

Marriage is an establishment of God, a creation ordinance, set forth in Genesis and reiterated by Jesus in Matthew 19. If the Bible isn’t true, and isn’t the standard we should live by, then marriage shouldn’t exist at all. Attempting to rationalize and sanction homosexual marriage is ludicrous and inconsistent with an atheistic worldview.

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Proposition 8: A Morally Bankrupt Decision From an Economically Bankrupt State

Proposition 8 in California, which defined marriage as between a man and a woman, was overruled by District Judge Vaughn Walker. The 138 page decision goes to considerable lengths to justify something that not only is immoral, but irrational. Scripturally and historically, when a society becomes economically bankrupt, a moral bankruptcy has already taken place.

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Shellfish Logic and the Defense of Homosexual Marriage

I was asked the following question by a Facebook friend: “How do you argue against gay marriage when pro-gay marriage activists say that gay [sic] marriage is forbidden in the Old Testament, but so is [eating] shellfish. They try to say that along with gay marriage that other stuff like shellfish is also forbidden. How […]

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Five Reasons My Generation is Not Getting Married…and what can be done about it

I’m single and 25. I’m not a psychologist, statistician or counselor. As girls within Christian, conservative, homeschooling circles go…I am a pretty average one. I’ve got lots of friends (both guys and girls), am well-traveled, love adventure, and am a forward-thinker. I’m the girl who knew at age 8 that I was going to be […]

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