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What Toy-Gun Buyback Programs Teach Us about Liberals and Human Nature

A California elementary school is offering a toy gun buyback program. Liberal geniuses claim that “playing with toys guns, saying ‘I’m going to shoot you,’ desensitizes children.” So as they get older, it’s easier for them to use a real gun.” So now we know why liberals want to take more money from us in […]

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The Cleveland kidnappings…a liberal red-herring

Liberals advance many arguments against the use of the death penalty for heinous crimes. One of the more common is that if the state executes a murderer, it loses moral authority because it has stooped to the same level as the offender. This type of argumentation is not just confined to the issue of the […]

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Are We Hearing the Death Rattle of Liberalism?

It seems that liberalism is gaining the upper hand. In fact, it seems that liberalism has the upper hand. Not so fast. Empire-building is a tenuous business. Every empire that has tried to expand its borders eventually collapsed because the center could not hold. Adolf Hitler’s dream of a thousand-year Reich turned to dust in […]

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‘The Ides of March’ Movie Review

Under-handed backstabbing, hypocrisy, intrigue, and blackmail. These are not vices — they’re just standard politics. Ryan Gosling is put through the ringer trying to do everything to keep one scandal after another under wraps and away from the press in the Mike Morris campaign. But can he do this without crossing the line in the sand? How does the ‘The Ides of March’ challenge all of our credences with earnest drama? Is this just another liberal spin on truth, justice, and the American way? Find out now on Movieology!

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The True Sounds of Liberty

In case you haven’t heard, professional loudmouth and political boor Bill Maher has recently been awarded a star on Hollywood’s “Walk of Fame.” Maher, who is basically known for opposing all things conservative, took the opportunity to thank the people who made his star possible. Although he thought he was making a joke when he thanked […]

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An Infidel Experiment

“An Infidel Experiment” was the title of an article in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch of May 2, 1885, written about the city Liberal, Missouri. Creating “a town without a church, where unbelievers could bring up their children without religious training,” and where Christians were not allowed was the objective for founding Liberal in 1880. A […]

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Dawkins is Right, but Armstrong’s a Liberal

In today’s article, I made the point that most conservative Christian leaders would discount what Karen Armstrong had to say, simply because of who she is. After the article was posted this morning, I found a link in the “News” section of the American Vision home page to this article by Al Mohler, doing that […]

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Homeschoolers Are Only Good For Cleaning Toilets

The title for today’s article is taken from a response to one of American Vision’s daily articles. The respondent is an atheist who claims he can refute any argument raised in defense of the Christian faith. I have irritated him so much by answering his poorly researched responses he sends to me that his true […]

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One’s Soul for a Political Pottage Mess

“I am a Christian, I am a Protestant, I am a Baptist . . . [and] my own personal religious faith . . . has developed out of my own personal experience in life as well. . . . [T]he tradition of which I’m a part recognizes the importance of personal communication with the deity, along with the lessons that come from Scripture.”
– Al Gore

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Dr. White’s Review of a Review

On January 30, 2009 Joel McDurmon posted an article on the American Vision website regarding his attendance at my debate with Bart Ehrman on January 21 that was held at the Airport Sheraton in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. I appreciate the opportunity to respond to specific statements that appeared in that article.

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An Overview of My Debate

I was riding my bicycle up South Mountain, a 7 mile long ascent with portions hitting a 12% grade. I was listening to an interview on Issues Etc., and the guest was Bart Ehrman. Ehrman had burst onto the textual critical scene with his 1993 work, The Orthodox Corruption of Scripture. His new book, Misquoting Jesus, was a popularization of much of what was in the earlier, scholarly work, along with general information about the history of textual criticism, interwoven with Ehrman’s conclusions.

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Obama Hood and Obamanomics

The latest economic proposal coming from Barack Obama is a socialist’s dream. The president-in-waiting wants to steal money from oil companies and, in an act of blessedness and benevolence, give a check of $1,000 to American middle class

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