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Should the Church ‘Only Preach the Gospel’?

The fact that pastors have the freedom to worship, preach, publish, assemble, and petition the government for a redress of grievances (the First Amendment to the Constitution) is because Christians addressed “political and social structures.”

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Double Jeopardy in jeopardy

The trial of George Zimmerman may well mark the beginning of the end of the law relating to Double Jeopardy as enshrined in the 5th amendment to the US Constitution. It is the perfect case for the enemies of liberty, who have been waiting for the opportunity to overturn this ancient and “archaic” protection and […]

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Humpty Dumpty's attempt to abolish the 7th commandment

Occasionally they let their guard slip – the liberals that is. After reassuring everyone with smooth and persuasive words that their proposals will not have all the bad effects that those nasty scaremongering bigots out there keep alleging, every so often they let slip far more of their agenda than they would ordinarily like us […]

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The Next Sexual Domino to Fall: Monogamy is Not ‘Natural’

For decades those opposed to homosexual normalcy and homosexual marriage have made it clear that there’s a larger agenda in view. Polygamy, pedophilia, and now the end of monogamy are on the table. Supporters of homosexuality didn’t want to talk about this slippery slope, but the logic of their position was inevitable given that there […]

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Atheists Have No Business Suing over Marriage (or Anything)

An atheist organization has sued the Indiana state government over its marriage statute. The atheists are arguing that the law forbids them from having their own non-religious official perform a marriage ceremony. This is where I start asking a few questions. Here’s the first one: Where in the atheistic evolutionary worldview is marriage necessary or […]

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How Do Man-Made Theories Fail to Justify Morality Apart from God?

What are the various philosophies of ethics that mankind adheres to? When I was in law school, I was required to examine this question as a part of my study of Professional Responsibility for attorneys. I know what you're thinking: "Attorneys are required to study about ethics?!" Yes, it is true, and the fact that […]

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A Lifelong Reconstruction Project

One of the most sobering chapters in all of Scripture can be found in Deuteronomy 6. In this well-known portion of the Old Testament, we are informed that the Law of God is more than just a series of directives handed down by a Divine Deity. In fact, we learn that obeying the Law is […]

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