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'Mr. Popper's Penguins' Movie Review - Movieology

'Mr. Popper's Penguins' paraded into cinemas this past weekend. Jim Carrey's latest has adorable birds of the Antarctic to muse us with their charms. But not all is well for Mr. Popper and the birds in his care in New York City.... Is the movie a playful penguin party people particularly take pleasure in? Or are people providing poor reception to this comedy? Find out now on Movieology!

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'X-Men: First Class' Movie Review - Movieology

One of the most popular super hero movie franchises of the last decade, 'X-Men: First Class' takes us back to 1962 to witness the origins of some of the most well-known comic book mutants. This historically fictitious depiction of the Cold War broaches a critical issue: is there such a thing as good and evil […]

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Interview: Does Anyone Really Listen to Film Critics? - Movieology

Most moviegoers pick and choose films they'll see in theaters from the influence movie trailers and marketing. So what are the movie critics there for? With so many secular critics out there providing every imaginable point of view on films, why is it we don't thoughtfully consider their take on movies before spending money at the box office? Joseph Darnell continues to interview Clark Douglas on these issues and more in this episode of Movieology!

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Redemption: What Makes a Good Story Great - Movieology

All great movies are stories of redemption. Why redemption in movies matters is because it relates to something about how we should live; the way we view the world and things like right and wrong are embedded in the redemption of stories. Joseph shows you how to identify one crucial element of a redemptive story: […]

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'The Beaver' Movie Review - Movieology

The beaver is here to save Walter's life, but is the beaver the right treatment for Walter's inner demons? Oddly enough, Mel Gibson's new film 'The Beaver' mirrors events in his own family life. If the fictional character can overcome his dilemmas with something as unorthodox as a beaver puppet, does Mel stand a chance? […]

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'Atlas Shrugged' Movie Review

Ayn Rand’s world renown Atlas Shrugged finally makes it to the silver screen, then it bombs! The film is just the first installment for what is/was destined to be a trilogy to explore the novel’s full potential. But with it struggling to find an audience, one has to wonder...have critics misjudged this Randian cult classic […]

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'Prom' Movie Review

For most high-schoolers prom is a big deal and many will go to great lengths in the quest for a "perfect prom." The teens in Disney's 'Prom' are on just such a quest, with their perfectionist class president leading the way. Is there more to this 'Prom' than meets the eye? Watch Joseph's review now, […]

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Source Code Movie Review - Movieology

In Source Code, one man relives the last eight minutes of another man's life, in an attempt to find the bomber of a Chicago commuter train. As a science fiction/action/thriller movie with a generous dash of romance, Source Code is sure to appeal to a broad audience. Watch this episode of Movieology to get inside […]

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Jane Eyre Movie Review: Feminism Versus Christianity?

"Jane Eyre" brings romance, mystery and redemption to the screen in the newest adaptation of Charlotte Bronte's classic tale. But with dozens of movie and television portrayals, do we really need another Jane Eyre? Will this version live up to favorites from the past, or will it languish in comparison? Find out right now, on […]

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