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Limitless Condones Illegal Drug Use?

Imagine a drug, that once taken, increases your metal ability exponentially. Suddenly, you can remember everything in your life, learn complex skills quickly and easily, and think faster and better than most everyone else. The drug is called NZT, and it has completely changed Eddie Morra's life in Limitless. Come along, as Stewart explores worldviews, […]

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The Demise of Secular Humanism by the Hands of Secular Humanists

Caution. Adult material: John Dunphy is a self-avowed Secular Humanist. He is best known for this statement first published in 1983 in The Humanist magazine “I am convinced that the battle for humankind’s future must be waged and won in the public school classroom by teachers who correctly perceive their role as the proselytizers of […]

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Our Churches Are Dying

The statistics are staggering, 80% to 85% of young people leave the Church, never to return. As evolution, humanism and atheism continue to infiltrate our schools, theaters, magazines and television, our young people are faced with hard questions. If we send our children out into the world, unequipped to answer the hard questions and lacking […]

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The Private-Zoo Factor

There are numerous Christians who believe that a personal, private faith is all the gospel requires. Os Guinness described this as "The Private-Zoo Factor,"[1] a religion that is caged so that it loses its wildness. When true Christianity is applied to any part of the world, it blossoms far more fully and colorfully than any other worldview. Contrary successful worldviews must borrow from the Christian worldview in order for them to work. When pagans stopped believing that they lived in "an enchanted forest" and that "glens and groves, rocks and streams are alive with spirits, sprites, demons" and "nature teems with sun gods, river goddesses, [and] astral deities,"[2] at that moment the world and everything in it changed. Everything seemed possible within the boundaries of God's Providence and law. A Christian worldview made science possible and civil government ministerial rather than messianic. Stanley Jaki, the author of numerous books on the relationship between Christianity and science, comments . . .

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The Trap of Neutrality

According to a radio editorial some years ago, "a man's religion and the strength of his conviction are his own personal matter" and therefore "religion should not interfere with politics."[1] Of course, this too is an expression of humanist neutrality designed to silence Christians but allow for every other conceivable worldview to find expression in the public and political arena.

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Expert Advice (from a Non-Expert)

Teaching what to think, rather than how to think has become the new "normal" in our modern world of postmodernism. While postmodernism would have us believe that the concept of "absolute truth" is a quaint and naïve holdover from the 19th century, very few people ever live this way. It may be one thing to say it, but it is a different thing entirely to actually exist in a world of relativism. We tend to surround ourselves with people who believe the same basic things as we do.

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Aliens as Cosmic Saviors

On Saturday, my wife and I went to see Knowing, starring Nicolas Cage, which is a strange mix of UFOlogy, panspermia, the destruction of Earth by fire (2 Pet. 3:10), the Edenic Tree of Life, and determinism vs. randomness. Cage's character, John Koestler, is giving a lecture to his astrophysics' class at M.I.T. when he presents the conundrum of determinism vs. randomness.1 When the class asks him what he believes, he picks randomness. "There is no grand meaning, there is no purpose." He ends the session with "I think s**t just happens." The perfect summary of an atheist's worldview.

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A Plea for Sanity

Leslie Nielson was dead: to begin with. The great ship had capsized when the wave crashed over its port side and now it was slowly sinking. The passengers left inside were faced with a decision: fore or aft? Two leaders arose, each with a persuasive answer to the dilemma. It was up to the passengers […]

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Zeno's Paradox

As we discovered last week, the concept of infinity is one that has far-reaching implications not just for mathematics, but for philosophy and theology as well.

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The Forgotten Key to Discipleship - Part 1

Education and the Knowledge of God
Before you run off screaming, "Another homeschool dad trying to convince us all to do what he does," let me assure you of a couple of things. First, I would never suggest that everyone should educate his or her children the same way we educate ours.

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Defining Terms: Theocracy

I received an email from a "library specialist" who responded to the following statement made by me: "Theocracy is an inescapable concept. The rejection of one theocratic government leads to the choice of another theocratic government." She offered the following objection:

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