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Homeschoolers: Recapturing the Culture One Million Converts at a Time

Because of a recent column, "It’s Your Serve," a reader questioned how the task of achieving societal reformation and transformation could happen by the voluntary-based, "bottom-up" plan that I proposed:

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Too Much Unnecessary Resistance

After last week’s article, “American Vision’s Vision”; I was brought up on charges by “Jim,” a fellow Christian. Here’s a slightly edited account of his criticism: I agreed with most of the article, but being Reformed in theology and former member of a Presbyterian church, your criticism of those of us who believe in the […]

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Pastoring Your Pastor: Helping Him Make Sense of the Homeschooling Movement

Pastors, just like the rest of society, hold various views on homeschooling. Even so, I assume most visitors to the American Vision website would not be willing to submit to shepherds who only view homeschooling as a passing phenomenon or who might suggest that homeschoolers are somehow substandard.

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Today, Tending Lawns and Scrubbing Toilets: Tomorrow, Leading the World

Gary DeMar made public the outlandish claim of a chronic web malcontent who said that homeschool graduates are only fit for lifetime occupations of scrubbing toilets and mowing lawns.

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Is Homeschooling for Everyone?

I recently received an email from the National Congress of State Legislators, touting their excitement over states having increased spending over the last year by over $1,000,000,000 (I prefer to put all the zeroes on there to show how big a billion actually is) on early education, meaning day care and preschool programs. That’s a lot of money to increase spending for children who aren’t even in school yet!

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Godly is as Godly Does: Part 1 of 2

Here’s a challenging email from last week.

I am a homeschool mother. I agree that homeschooling is a wonderful option for some parents. I also agree it’s the parents’ responsibility before the Lord to train and teach their children about Him. But, I disagree with you that homeschooling is the only way to train them. I have witnessed many godly parents whose children are in other educational arenas. I sense from your article sarcasm and a lofty attitude. We limit God when we think He can only work in a homeschool family and accomplish His will only in certain circumstances.

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A Bible Preference for Homeschooling? Part 3

History shows that nearly every nation has ultimately caved in to a very counter-intuitive (satanic?) temptation: That the only sensible way for 4 and 5-year-old children to begin their life-education journey is that they be ripped away from the care of Mom and Dad at home and turned over to "professional specialists" in state-controlled classrooms.

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Providence and the Passing Parade

I chanced upon the well-known Parade Magazine, a Sunday supplement no longer carried in my metro area’s major paper. (I had hoped to find a Sudoku puzzle.) Parade is notoriously liberal and left-leaning, so I almost missed their Intelligence Report which featured the article, Should Homeschooling Be Illegal?

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The Difference Between The Holy Spirit

Last week I implored Dr. James Dobson to take a risk

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Extra, Extra! Germ Warfare Declared on Patients & Parents

I eventually used my doctorate in dentistry to specialize in gum diseases and jaw bone loss, and, looking back, I often wonder why. Compared with the specialties of crowns, root canals, implants, orthodontics, etc., it’s the only specialty demanding near-fanatical daily cooperation by the patient.

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They Don’t Live in a Shoe

Whether you homeschool or not, you’ll see why the plea for advice in the amazing letter below prompted my heartfelt attention and reminded me of the old nursery rhyme; There was an old woman who lived in a shoe.

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Save The Titanic

Following a recent article, several of you emailed to ask why I appear to prefer homeschooling (HS) as the best educational weapon in this battle for the mind of fragile (5 to 18 year olds) Christian kids instead of opting for a two-way mix of homeschooling and private Christian schools (PCS.)

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