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Why Creation and Prophecy Can’t be Separated

When I wrote my article “Why Young People are Leaving the Church” I knew it would generate some response. I was taken to task by a few Young earth Creationists (YEC) because I did not point out the dangers of Old Earth Creationist (OEC) arguments and how they create serious theological problems such as disease and death before the fall. Some OECs have attempted to answer this objection exegetically. YECists can and do disagree with OEC arguments, but they can’t accuse OECists of not appealing to the Bible to make their case

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Reasons Christians use for sending their children to government schools

A short video clip of me putting my finger on one of the main reasons America is in spiritual, moral, educational, and political decline is that more than 90 percent of Christian parents send their children to government-regulated, State-run schools. I’ve been asked by a few people to comment on objections that are often raised […]

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Watch This Video: 7 Lies About Homeschoolers Busted!

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Do You Really Want Washington to Make Budget Cuts?

In America’s current economic state, many propose cutting the budget. But when you get down to talking of cutting specific programs such as Medicare, Social Security or government education people start to balk. Most people are not willing to give up a government program that they benefit from, but ultimately we will have to give […]

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A $600+ Billion Spending Cut

This will not be done. It will not be done because Americans do not really want major spending cuts. To demonstrate my point, let us consider America’s sacred cow, tax-funded education. According to the Central Intelligence Agency’s “Factbook,” the United States spends about 5.3% of gross domestic product each year on education. If that estimate […]

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The Socialization of Education

An education is one of the few things that we can give ourselves and our children that will have lifelong effects. Although most American families send their children—as they themselves were sent by their own parents—to public schools, how often have we stopped to question the goals of the public education system? Christian parents especially […]

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Homeschooling from a Biblical Worldview

Gary interviews Israel Wayne, author of the book Homeschooling from a Biblical Worldview and regular columnist for Home School Digest. Israel will be one of the featured speakers at American Vision’s Worldview Super Conference this July 21 – 24.

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The Battle for America’s Christian Heritage

The textbooks for all public schools hinge on the choices of the school board of Texas. Now with seven Christian members, this school board is confronted with liberals that object to the Christian record found in American history. Gary reviews the historical record to show what is the truthful conclusion that should be taken with America’s history textbooks.

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Taking on the Textbooks in Error

Public education has textbooks riddled with factual errors, revisionist history, and biased views of science. Some Christians are challenging the status quo, and the liberals are retaliating. Are conservatives in a position to make right the wrongs in these textbooks, and how will the opposition respond? Gary shares his insights.

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Homeschoolers Are Only Good For Cleaning Toilets

The title for today’s article is taken from a response to one of American Vision’s daily articles. The respondent is an atheist who claims he can refute any argument raised in defense of the Christian faith. I have irritated him so much by answering his poorly researched responses he sends to me that his true […]

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The New Black Regiment

On the homeschooling front there’s some hot-off-the-presses good news from the Department of Education. I’m guessing it was news that went down hard for bureaucrats in residence at the DOE. Since 1999, homeschooling in the U.S. has grown by a significant 74% with total numbers of children estimated to be in the 2.5 million range. The key incentives that convinced parents to pass up government education were desire for religious and moral instruction, poor school environments, negative peer pressure, safety, drugs and dissatisfaction with academics.

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Homeschoolers: Recapturing the Culture One Million Converts at a Time

Because of a recent column, "It’s Your Serve," a reader questioned how the task of achieving societal reformation and transformation could happen by the voluntary-based, "bottom-up" plan that I proposed:

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