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Putting Principle Before Party

In the made-for-TV-movie Brian’s Song (1971), we gain a glimpse of two very different men who become inseparable friends in life and devoted to one another in death. Brian Piccolo (James Caan) and Gale Sayers (Billy Dee Williams) played for the Chicago Bears.

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What Would Jesus Legislate?

Would Jesus have legislated by contradicting biblical principles, and by using passages against each other? Since no passage of Scripture gives authority to civil government to confiscate wealth or coerce the transfer of wealth, we can rest assured that Jesus would have condemned socialistic governments across the board, and would have advocated an outpouring of […]

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The Hidden History of Social Security

Social Security is in the news as presidential candidates jockey for political position. What you don’t know about Social Security may surprise you. Gary DeMar takes a look at the socialist history of this government pyramid scheme in this edition of Vantage Point!

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Government Sanctioned Ponzi Schemes?

The word ‘economics’ is made up of two Greek words: oikos and nomos. House and law. Literally it means, the lawful ordering of a household, whether that household is small or large. Today’s civil officials believe that through legislation that they can break these divine laws. In today’s episode of Vantage Point, Dr. DeMar examines the economic principles behind social security, medicare and obama-care.

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Christians in Politics

We get a mixed message from many pastors, John MacArthur is a prominent example, in the area of politics. In his book Why Government Can’t Save You, MacArthur seems to say on one page that it’s okay to get involved politically but then on other pages he seems to say we shouldn’t waste our time. Should Christians be politically active? Find out right now, on this edition of Vantage Point.

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The Necessary Limits of Government

The first place to go to understand the proper relationship between church and state is to study the nature of jurisdictions. Jurisdictional separation deals with the legitimate boundaries of authority. A person who owns a piece of property has jurisdiction over his own property, but he does not have jurisdiction over someone else’s property. A property owner can only “speak the law” (juris = law + diction = speak) within the confines of the boundaries of his own property. In this way, a property owner’s jurisdiction is limited. Property lines are legal entities that limit authority.

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We Have Only Ourselves to Blame

Don’t blame “the government.” Don’t blame Democrats or Republicans. Pogo said it best: “We have met the enemy and he is us.” We get the government we want. This is the reason Ted Kennedy was in office for more than 40 years. A majority of people in Massachusetts voted for him. He was the titan of big government, and people loved him for it, even though any other politician would have been run out of office after the Mary Jo Kopechne affair. Kennedy’s ability to bring home the bacon blurred their ability of see his legislative record through the Constitution. They were enamored with Camelot, a fictional story of what the Kennedy’s were not. It’s all about the pork. Actually, it’s about the stealing of pork and using elected government officials to do it for us. Stealing money from a neighbor in one state to fund the education of a child in another state will get you arrested. But if you elect enough congressmen to do it, you’re a “progressive.” Like children, we lack self-control. We want what’s not ours. If we are ever going to turn this nation around, we must understand the makeup of self-government.

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What the Tea Party Movement Must Never Forget

What is government? When this question is asked, most people re­spond by equating government solely to a centralized civil State. Even our lan­guage reflects the confusion: “Government? It’s in Washington,” or “The government will take care of its citizens through its many programs.” Both of these statements reflect a misunderstanding of the true nature of government. They portray the idea that the only governing institution is a political one. Historically, however, the term “government” was always qualified in some way, unlike our present-day definitions.

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Sticking Taxes on Everyone for the Few

Politicians and activists argue more public transportation is in order for the city of Atlanta and the surrounding area. The way to pay for it is from the pockets of tax payers that will very unlikely ever use the railways or buses themselves. Gary makes the case those that benefit should pay—not all Americans everywhere for one city’s transportation.

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No More Terror in the Skies if Men take Charge

How many of you have heard about the November 17, 2009 AirTran Flight 297 from Atlanta to Houston? While there is some confusion about what really happened, there is no doubt some passengers were alarmed enough to leave the plane when it returned to the gate. They believed a terrorist “dry run” was in progress. AirTran has downplayed the “alleged incident.” Were these men just messing with the passengers? I don’t know, but I’m not taking any chances. Were they scouting the reaction of the passengers for another group that has plans to carry out a future terror mission? It doesn’t matter. I refuse to stand by while a bunch of Islamic terrorists use me and my fellow passengers to make some perverted religio-political statement. I’m not going down in an airplane without a fight. I hate flying, but I hate crashing even more.

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The Inefficiency of Cheap Grace

The city of Atlanta recently announced that it was going to privatize its parking enforcement. As of November 1, ParkAtlanta, a privately-owned company, took over responsibility for enforcing the city’s parking meters and ticketing, as well as the booting and towing of illegally-parked cars. The seven-year contract guarantees the city a $5.5 million paycheck each year, meaning a $38.5 million boost for the city, in addition to getting rid of the hassles of maintaining its own publicly-funded force. Atlanta is only one of many cities that have recently adopted the private option.

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We Need Watchmen to Sound the Alarm

In recent months, I’ve been noticing how young families are taking action within their own circles of influence to return our nation to its founding principles. They’re learning that the place to start is in the home.

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