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Six Myths of American History

There are six prevalent myths taught about American history over pivotal matters of importance. Call them humanist tall tales, if you wish. They’re as fictional and sensational as the wild stories of Pecos Bill and Paul Bunyan with his big, blue ox, but unlike those American myths, these have long been presented as historical fact by the academic institutions of our fair land. These myths have duped far too many Christians in our day, leading them to devote their efforts to combat the wrong things, or to […]

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Were the founding fathers egalitarians? What did they mean by “all men are created equal”?

Did they mean that all men are equal in all matters? For example, did they mean that all men were born into equal social position? Did they mean that all men are born into equal financial situations? Experience would deny those interpretations. The founders themselves recognized from their own experience in many of their writings that different men were born into different situations. […]

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1776: Providence & Perseverance — How George Washington Won the War

We remember 1776 as the year the Founding Fathers signed the Declaration of Independence. We remember the ideals embodied in that eloquent document. But few of us realize the sacrifice the soldiers of the colonial army endured to birth those eloquent ideals into reality. Few of us realize how close we came to losing again […]

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The Historical Revisionists are on the War Path

At the Baptist General Association of Virginia’s Nov. 9-10, 2010 annual meeting in Hampton, Virginia, the participants “adopted a resolution decrying versions of American history that minimize or deny the role of church-state separation and encouraging diligence in correcting mistaken historical accounts.” The resolution, which was passed by a wide margin, considers it “‘a threat […]

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Can America’s Biblical Foundation be Restored?

As a nation, we have drifted far from the principles were were founded on. Christians have been trusted with the responsibility of bringing our nation back to God. Today, Gary interviews David Jolly of Restoring Biblical Foundations on this topic.

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The Founding Fathers and Jesus

Some people make assumptions that just because all of the founding fathers of the U.S. weren’t orthodox Christians that Jesus was not important to them. This couldn’t be farther from the truth. Gary DeMar takes examples of what the founding fathers said to show how Jesus and Christianity was not only important, but also very […]

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Heal the Nation? Heal the Church First!

Many people and organizations including our own are calling for a political revival back to the form of government that our Founding Fathers established. However, when examining the history of God’s people in His Word, it has become clearly obvious that before we can ask God to heal our land that we first need to heal the Church.

By Church, I am referring to the 77% of Americans that identified themselves as Christians in a Gallup Poll released April 10, 2009. (Sadly, that figure has dropped from the 91% in 1948.) If the three-fourths of the American population actually lived a true Christian life, our nation would not be suffering the wrath of God that we are currently under. If these Christians lived their lives like 77% of Muslims or Buddhists, or Sikhs, or other religions do, we would still be the Christian nation that our Founders established it to be.

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The Bill of Rights and Christianity

Gary DeMar Responds to an email from a lawyer who asks about the Constitution and James Madison’s influence. Gary also discusses John Jay and the debate over the Bill of Rights after the ratification of the Constitution.

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Uncovering Suppressed Facts in the Textbook Debate

The chairwoman of the Texas school board makes the point that the seven Christians on the board are not trying to inject into the historical record what isn’t there but rather to uncover facts that have been suppressed (see related article). “I don’t know that what we’re doing is redefining the role of religion in America,” says Gail Lowe. “Many of us recognize that Judeo-Christian principles were the basis of our country and that many of our founding documents had a basis in Scripture. As we try to promote a better understanding of the Constitution, federalism, the separation of the branches of government, the basic rights guaranteed in the Bill of Rights, I think it will become evident to students that the founders had a religious motivation.”

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The Left Wing and Right Wing Enlightenments

Brooke Allen claims in her article “Our Godless Constitution” that America “was founded not on Christian principles but on Enlightenment ones.” The Enlightenment is a term used to describe a period in eighteenth-century Europe and America when reason, coupled with advances in science, was declared to be the principal source of intellectual and moral authority. Something had to be argued rationally and demonstrated empirically to be true.

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The Age of Revelation

In the next month, we will be debuting Elias Boudinot’s The Age of Revelation, a response to Thomas Paine’s The Age of Reason. The Age of Revelation was published in 1801. It, too, will be newly typeset and printed as a quality hardback. We have plans for several more books in this series of classic reprints.

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What Our Founders Understood About Human Nature

Long before C.S. Lewis, our nation’s founding fathers understood man’s basic problem. There was the general acknowledgment of human sinfulness, even among those who had been “refined” by education and breeding: “The heart is more deceitful than all else and is desperately sick” (Jer. 17:9).

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