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An Alabama Sheriff Gets it Right and Tells Atheists to Take a Hike

  An English teacher I had in high school was from Jasper, Alabama. That was an oddity for someone living in Pittsburgh, PA. We rarely if ever ran into a Southerner. A teenager visiting one of my neighbors mesmerized us with her Southern accent, especially the way she said "Norfolk." We were boys and easily […]

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Is 'Unabashed Atheist' Ron Reagan The Voice of the Democrat Party?

What happens to the children of parents who espoused the Christian faith? Franky Schaeffer has repudiated his father's work and his own work he did with and for his father. Josh Harris has denounced the faith of his father, Greg Harris. Jonathan Merritt is promoting same-sex everything. His father is James G. Merritt, the Senior […]

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Robert “Beto” O’Rourke Wants to Tax People Who Attend Churches that Don’t Support Homosexuality

Former Texas Rep. Beto O’Rourke and Democrat presidential candidate said that churches and other religious institutions that oppose same-sex marriage should lose their tax-exempt status. It’s obvious by his goal that he does not understand how tax exemption works. Those who get the tax deduction are the people who donate to 501(c)(3) organizations. Most churches […]

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The Most Bizarre Leftist Arguments for Keeping Abortion Legal (And I Thought I Had Heard Them All)

How many of you remember "Stupid Pet Tricks" on the David Letterman Show? Well, there are now Stupid Democrat Tricks. Here's the latest from Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand who said that laws banning or restricting abortion are against "the Christian faith." If you are a person of the Christian faith, one of the tenants of our […]

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Should the Church ‘Only Preach the Gospel’?

The fact that pastors have the freedom to worship, preach, publish, assemble, and petition the government for a redress of grievances (the First Amendment to the Constitution) is because Christians addressed “political and social structures.”

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Is Ignorance of the First Amendment Turning Our Nation into a Tyranny?

What you don't know can kill you, and in the case of ignorance about our nation's founding document, it can turn you into a slave to the State. The Bill of Rights was added to the Constitution because the states were not satisfied with the claim that the Constitution was a document of "enumerated powers." […]

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I was discriminated against for my religious beliefs . . . and I'm perfectly OK with it

I’m a writer by occupation and vocation. I write around 20 articles each month and publish them on I also write books—32 since 1982. For each title, I need a cover. Often I can find a royalty-free image from my vast collection of images. Sometimes I hire an artist because I want something very […]

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Atheists Work with IRS to Dismantle First Amendment and Attack Churches

The following is from Freedom Outpost: “The Internal Revenue Service settled a 2012 lawsuit brought by the Freedom from Religion Foundation (FRM). The lawsuit was settled after the IRS agreed to monitor what is said in houses of worship.” Monitoring churches is something the Nazis did. When German anti-Nazi theologian and Lutheran pastor Martin Niemöller […]

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Chuck Schumer Says Religion No Longer a Constitutional Freedom

A federal judge ruled that the Constitution trumps religion. “In America even sincere and long-held religious views do not trump the constitutional rights of those who happen to have been out-voted,” U.S. District Judge John Heyburn in Louisville argued. What a fool. Not to be outdone, “At a press conference Thursday, Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) […]

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High School Students Blow Off Threat from ACLU

Anti-bullying campaigns are having unintended consequences. Not only are playground and school bullies being rebuffed and put down, but bullying organizations like the ACLU are being put in their place. The ACLU is not the government. There is no reason for anybody or any organization not to tell the ACLU to take a hike. The […]

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Panel Rules that CO Baker Must be a Slave to the State

What’s a simple definition of slavery?: “submission to a dominating influence.” If a person is forced to do work against his will, then that person is a slave. That’s certainly the case with Colorado baker Jack Phillips: Colorado's Civil Rights Commission on Friday ordered a baker to make wedding cakes for same-sex couples, finding his […]

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Florida School Bans Bible During Free Reading Time

Bite a Pop Tart so that it looks like a gun and you’ll be expelled. Read a Bible during free reading time, and it will be treated like Lady Chatterly’s Lover. Officials at Broward County Public Schools went along with a teacher who told fifth grader Giovanni Rubeo that he could not read his Bible […]

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