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Reasons Christians use for sending their children to government schools

A short video clip of me putting my finger on one of the main reasons America is in spiritual, moral, educational, and political decline is that more than 90 percent of Christian parents send their children to government-regulated, State-run schools. I’ve been asked by a few people to comment on objections that are often raised […]

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President Obama and Persecution Complexes

Since President Obama won re-election as our nation’s president, the chatter on Facebook has been somewhat amusing.  In response to that chatter, I posted the following status update: “All of this talk about Christian persecution coming under four more years of Obama is amusing. The only Christians who get persecuted are those who: (1) share […]

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‘Machine Gun Preacher’ Review

The trailer for ‘Machine Gun Preacher’ wowed Christians with it’s explosive action and obvious religious themes. But does the actual film deliver as an edifying and uplifting tale of compassion? or is it merely a overbearing symposium of ‘Machine Gun Preachiness?’ Find out right now, on Movieology!

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How Can Movies Help You Understand Your Times?

Movies are fun! Everyone watches movies… well some do not, and they avoid them for religious reasons. Should Christians watch movies at all? What does the Bible say about art and culture? Michael Minkoff, guest-hosting for Joseph Darnell, explores a biblical approach to watching movies, and how they can better serve God’s purposes to further […]

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Atheists Think About God Almost As Much As Christians

Former atheist and founder of Evidence America, Wes Moore, joins Gary DeMar in today’s episode of Vantage Point. Evidence America’s mission is helping Christians give an answer for what they believe and why. Wes shares his story and some the keys he has found in his years of evangelism.

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Drive-By Sermons

They abound in our American culture. Our roads and highways are covered with signs of all shapes and sizes clamoring for our attention and proclaiming various points of view. We are told when to go, when to stop, where to shop, what to buy, whom to vote for, even which soap works best. Not to be outdone by their competition, many churches have started pushing some sign gospel of their own, but the news is far from good.

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