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‘Gary DeMar Does Not Understand Biblical Eschatology’

That’s what someone on Facebook said about me after reading an article I posted. It may be true that I don’t understand biblical eschatology but regurgitating dispensational talking points will not prove the assertion. What will prove it is by searching the Scriptures daily to see if what I claim the Bible teaches is true […]

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My New Book is Now Available: ‘The Rapture and the Fig Tree Generation’

On January 21, 2020, I traveled to Dinosaur Adventure Land in Conecuh County, Alabama, where I debated the topic of the Rapture with Kent Hovind. Kent took the Post Trib/Pre-Wrath position while I took the position that there was no rapture since there is no future seven-year period in which the Antichrist makes and breaks […]

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Pre-Wrath v. Dispensationalism: The ‘Rapture’ is a Package Deal

As I’ve mentioned in other places, there are five rapture positions. They depend on the belief that the 70th week (seven years) of Daniel’s seventy weeks of years prophecy (490 years) has been postponed. Those who hold to a pre-tribulation rapture position believe the rapture of the church will take place before the seven-year period. […]

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Two Big Errors that are Neutralizing the Church

There are two big errors that have infected the Church. There are others but these two are especially destructive. The first error is that there is a sacred-secular divide. Too many Christians are under the false impression that Christians can only exist in the secular world, that there’s no transformative impact on the world with […]

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My Facebook Dialogue with a Confused Prophecy Seminary Graduate

After posting my article “Prophecy Writers Making Predictions Again,” it got quite a few comments. One particular commenter (TDS) was very frustrating to deal with because he refused to acknowledge facts that are not in dispute. This is not unusual. Facts don’t speak for themselves. They are always interpreted. I often see Christians going to […]

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Is the American Church Dying or Are Christians Just Hiding?

Jesus began with 12 apostles (Matt. 10:1-6), expanded to 70 disciples (Luke 10:1), and around 120 at Pentecost (Acts 1:15). Before long, the gospel has been preached to the then-known world (Matt. 24:14; Rom. 1:8; Col. 1:6, 23; 1 Tim 3:16). Today, there are tens of millions of Christians worldwide, and yet, our effect on […]

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What Does the Bible Mean by the ‘Last Days’ and Jesus’ Coming?

The “coming” referred to by Jesus in John 21 refers, “not till his second coming to judge the quick and the dead at the last day” but the coming “in his power … on the Jewish nation, in the destruction of their city and temple by the Romans [in AD 70].”

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Eschatology and Biblical Apologetics: A Fundamental Link

The Bible is literature and needs to be interpreted in terms of its own standards. In fact, the word “literal” means “according to the literature.” What type of literature is being used? Modern-day prophecy writers give ammunition to sites like Black Nonbelievers, Inc. because they manipulate the plain meaning of the text in order to support their speculative failed end-time prophetic views.

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Is Rebuilding the Temple the Next Event on the Prophetic Timeline?

An Israeli political party official wants to rebuild the temple in Jerusalem. He doesn’t want to wait for years. He wants to begin now. Of course, there’s a practical problem because the Muslim Dome of the Rock and the Al-Aqsa Mosque are on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. Then there’s the theological problem. Rebuilding the […]

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Deception and the End Times

An article on the Christian Post deals with deception and the end times. I agree, there’s a great deal of deception out there. The deception has been going on for a  long time because of a misreading of prophetic texts and the timing of their fulfillment. The author quotes the following: But you, beloved, ought […]

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Stop using the Bible as an excuse to avoid politics

Does the Bible forbid Christians from being involved in politics? It would be a hard case to prove since there are numerous books of the Bible that are filled with politics—from Joshua, Judges, and 1 and 2 Samuel to 1 and 2 Kings and the Old Testament Prophets. King David is confronted by Nathan the […]

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More fake news on Bible prophecy and the “rapture”

According to a recent popular video on the rapture, “Evangelist Greg Laurie has suggested that a massive Jesus revival in America could lead to Christians being snatched from Earth, removing the U.S. from the End Times conflict.” But why couldn’t a massive Jesus revival in America instead lead to Christians changing America? In his interview with […]

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