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Should Pastors Address the Subject of Politics?

For decades pastors have been timid about preaching politics from the pulpit. The Old Testament prophets would have been stunned by such timidity. A good many modern-day churches believe that they have some very good biblical reasons for not touching on the subject of politics from the pulpit. Many believe they are prohibited from doing […]

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Rebranding the Democrat Party

Today, our panel pokes a little fun at the Democrat Party’s new logo, listing 10 reasons for the change and what it might mean. On a more serious note, conservatives are facing some tough decisions in the upcoming election. Should we vote on principle and make a statement? Or should we compromise and vote for […]

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Where Was the Church in Houston on Election Day?

I’ve known Dr. Steven Hotze for 25 years. He was one of the first Christians to take the principles outlined in my God and Government series and train men in a biblical understanding of government. He didn’t just talk about these principles; he applied them in the realm of politics in the city of Houston and the state of Texas. When ministers stood up and preached the Bible to all of life, there were a number of political victories that resulted in social transformation. Ministers need to study the history of the “Election Sermon.”

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Honoring a Dying Man’s Request

I was driving north on I-75 toward Knoxville in late May 2008 on my way to a speaking engagement in Morgantown, West Virginia, when I received a phone call from my office. “Gary, a man just called. He said that he was dying and that he had to talk with you.” I knew it was Chris Hoops. He had been ill for some time from a failing liver. Chris was a godly man who understood the Christian heritage of our nation and how it had been forgotten. Not only had he been fighting for his life for more than 25 years, he was fighting to return this nation back to its Christian foundation. When I got Chris’ message, I immediately called him.

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One Man’s Opinion on the Election

Elections are about who will control political power. Because this election is so important to our constitutional freedoms, especially those outlined in the First Amendment, it is important that we understand the possible impact tomorrow’s election could have on our nation and a ministry like American Vision.

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Hey Joe…

After watching last night’s debate about “Joe the Plumber,” I thought this reminder was in order. I recently read this and was amazed at how some things never change. This was written almost 40 years ago and sounds as if it was written yesterday. Humanism and its promise for entitlements (or in Joe’s case, purchasing […]

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Theonomy vs. Theocracy

Even though Gary DeMar’s two articles at the beginning of the week were meant to put this issue to rest, I couldn’t resist one last article on the presidential election. After reading many of the comments to Gary’s articles and my own, I realized that most of us are talking past each other. Although many […]

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One Party, Two Party, Three Party, Four

Trying to get elected as a third party candidate in American politics is extremely difficult if not impossible since the electing process is not by majority vote. Ballot access is also an obstacle since third parties have to meet additional criteria not required of Republicans and Democrats. Reform Party candidate Ross Perot was able to […]

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Some Warped Political Philosophies

There are a number of political philosophies from a Christian perspective floating around that need some attention. The Apostle Paul saw no inconsistency in taking advantage of his Roman citizenship (Acts 16:37–39; 22:22–29) while maintaining that he was also a citizen of heaven (Phil. 3:20). Paul did not deny his Roman citizenship and claim heavenly […]

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Bureaucratic Slavery

Gary discusses the current debates on the political scene, and interviews Joel McDurmon about the mortgage crisis.

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Obama Hood and Obamanomics

The latest economic proposal coming from Barack Obama is a socialist’s dream. The president-in-waiting wants to steal money from oil companies and, in an act of blessedness and benevolence, give a check of $1,000 to American middle class

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Beware of Politicians Courting the Christian Vote

Once again, the religious vote is being courted by presidential wannabes. Beware of politicians and their religious rhetoric. Jimmy Carter ran as a “born-again Christian” in 1976. It was the first time in a national election that evangelicals were recognized as an identifiable voting block that could impact an election.

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