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Christian Filmmaker Talks Country Music and Apologetics

Filmmaker Darren Doane, joins Gary to talk about his work with the Zac Brown Band, as well as the recently published study guide to his documentary, “Collision.” The documentary follows, atheist, Christopher Hitchens, and Christian apologist, Douglas Wilson on their four day debate over the question – is Christianity good for the world? “Collision: The […]

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Kirk Cameron Up Close and Personal

Darren Doane, the director of Collision, a debate between atheist Christopher Hitchens and Christian Douglas Wilson, has an up close and personal interview with Kirk Cameron. Cameron’s comments on there being “no neutral zone” is key to all that we do.

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Collision Publicity Update!

If you pre-ordered Collision, you should be getting it very soon. Most of them have been shipped. You will be the first 500 to get a copy. Even Amazon hasn’t shipped yet. There’s a great deal of publicity surrounding Collision. The New York premiere is happening Wednesday October 28 at Village East Cinema. There are […]

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How American Vision Impacted Me

Most of you don’t get to see the many encouraging emails I get on a daily basis. I tend to comment on the negative ones. (They’re much more fun.) I’m a “the glass-is-half-empty” kind of guy. That way I’m not disappointed if things turn sour. It’s what I expect. The following email was sent to me yesterday. It details how American Vision’s books and articles are having an impact on people around the world. (I’ve been invited to speak to 300 pastors in Kenya.) This is why AV does what it does. Eschatology is a big-issue topic. It comes up everywhere I speak.

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Atheist Christopher Hitchens in Debate of His Life

For nearly a year I have been working with a group of producers in the development of the film Collision: Is Christianity Good for the World?, a debate between atheist Christopher Hitchens and Christian apologist Douglas Wilson. This is one of the most unique debate presentations I have ever seen. While I have participated in […]

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A Collision of Lives

You can’t change just one thing

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