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Christians Who become Atheists Find It Impossible to Live as Consistent Atheists

The following is from the Christian Post: Ryan J. Bell, former pastor of the Hollywood Adventist Church in California, launched an experiment to live without God on New Year’s Eve in 2013 after preaching for 20 years. A year later, he concluded that God did not exist. Five years into that decision, he admits that for […]

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Is the Christian Right Driving Liberals Away From Religion?

Michele Margolis is a political science professor at the University of Pennsylvania and the author of From Politics to the Pews: How Partisanship and the Political Environment Shape Religious Identity. She writes, “some people on the left are falling away from religion because they see it as so wrapped up with Republican politics.” As someone who […]

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‘In Time’ Review – Movieology

In Time proposes a system where time is money, and the wealthy can live forever. The poor die young, and ‘the rich never live’ they say. It’s up to Will Salas to liberate mankind from the market of commoditized time. So does capitalism rule over this sci-fi adventure? Or does marxism steal this twisted romance? Find out now on Movieology!

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Have We Become Desensitized to Evil?

The first reports that came out about Anders Behring Breivik, the Norwegian mass murderer, described him as a “right-wing, Christian fundamentalist.” Here’s how CNN reported the story on July 23, 2011: A picture is emerging, gleaned from official sources and social media, of a right-wing Christian fundamentalist who may have had an issue with Norway’s […]

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Disco and the End of Atheism

Atheism seems to be on the rise. A number of young people are taking to it like they did to disco in the 1970s. But alas, like all trends, it met its end on Disco Demolition Night July 12, 1979 at Comiskey Park in Chicago, Illinois, where a crate filled with records was blown up […]

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Foundations of a Gold Standard (Outline) The gold standard of Byzantium lasted over 1,000 years (325 to 1453).  It was a product of Christian civilization.  The modern gold standard was a was a product of 19th-century European civilization: part Enlightenment humanism, part Christian, and part Darwinism after 1860).  Christianity’s presuppositions 1. God as the source of all law2. Ownership as […]

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Blogging from the Conference: The Godless Standard?

Enjoy my summary of Dr. Gary North’s presentation this morning: I’m blogging from the 2009 American Vision Worldview Super Conference. Dr. Gary North just finished giving a presentation on the history and theology behind a gold-standard. It was so enlightening that I figured I’d write a blog about it while everyone else eats lunch. In […]

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The Devout Atheist

Religion is a way of life for each of us in all hours of the day-in the decisions we make to the food we eat to the way we spend our money and an infinite amount of other behaviors. Even those who claim to be atheists operate in the realm of the spiritual on a […]

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Darwin’s Joker

I saw The Dark Knight, the new Batman film, this weekend. It’s everything the reviewers have been saying about it and more. Heath Ledger’s performance is certainly worthy of an Academy Award and not because of sentimentality over his premature death. The role was a once in a lifetime opportunity, and he played it perfectly.

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My Introductory Comments at the Dayton to Dothan

The debate between creation and evolution has a long history. The first public debate between a creationist and a Darwinist was probably the one where Samuel Wilberforce, bishop of Oxford, and Thomas H. Huxley, known as Darwin’s Bulldog

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The Forgotten Key to Discipleship – Part 1

Education and the Knowledge of God
Before you run off screaming, “Another homeschool dad trying to convince us all to do what he does,” let me assure you of a couple of things. First, I would never suggest that everyone should educate his or her children the same way we educate ours.

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Men Without Chests – A World Without Morality

I like free books. So I was excited when I opened a package that contained a book that I had not ordered. Apparently, I’m on someone’s list of notables, because Alfred A. Knopf thought I should have a copy of Sam Harris’ Letter to a Christian Nation.

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