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Why Creation and Prophecy Can’t be Separated

When I wrote my article “Why Young People are Leaving the Church” I knew it would generate some response. I was taken to task by a few Young earth Creationists (YEC) because I did not point out the dangers of Old Earth Creationist (OEC) arguments and how they create serious theological problems such as disease and death before the fall. Some OECs have attempted to answer this objection exegetically. YECists can and do disagree with OEC arguments, but they can’t accuse OECists of not appealing to the Bible to make their case

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Journalist Admits She’s a Creationist and Drives Evolutionists Insane

In the midst of the George Zimmerman “not guilty” verdict, rioting, beatings, threats of violence, calls for “checking your white privilege,” and demands that we “give money to the Dream Defenders, to the Urban League, to the Southern Poverty Law Center… because racism is a natural disaster just like hurricanes and bombings and shootings are,” […]

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More Evidence that the Theory of Evolution is Falling Apart

Atheists argue that they’re all about reason, logic, and rational argumentation. In fact, they had a big “Reason Rally” in Washington proclaiming these bedrock atheistic principles. Atheists extend their paradigm by claiming that if you are not an atheist and do not believe in evolution then you are anti-science. They seem to forget that some […]

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Why Young People are Leaving the Church

Ken Ham, who believes in a literal six-day creation that happened around 6,000 years ago, says the church opened a door for the exodus of youth, beginning in the 19th century, when it began teaching that “the age of the Earth is not an issue as long as you trust in Jesus and believe in the resurrection and the Gospel accounts.” Ham concedes that “salvation is not conditioned on what you believe about the age of the Earth and the six days of creation.” He admits that there “are many who believe in millions of years and are Christians.” Even so, the Genesis issue does matter, he argues, “because salvation does rise or fall on the authority of Scripture. The message of the Gospel comes from these words of Scripture.” But Christian old-earth advocates believe in the authority and integrity of the Bible as much as young-earth advocates do. By their own admission, young-earthers note that a number of well respected theologians and scholars did not and do not believe in a young earth. Charles Spurgeon (1834-1892) had this to say about the age of the earth.

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Aliens as Cosmic Saviors

On Saturday, my wife and I went to see Knowing, starring Nicolas Cage, which is a strange mix of UFOlogy, panspermia, the destruction of Earth by fire (2 Pet. 3:10), the Edenic Tree of Life, and determinism vs. randomness. Cage’s character, John Koestler, is giving a lecture to his astrophysics’ class at M.I.T. when he presents the conundrum of determinism vs. randomness.1 When the class asks him what he believes, he picks randomness. “There is no grand meaning, there is no purpose.” He ends the session with “I think s**t just happens.” The perfect summary of an atheist’s worldview.

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One’s Soul for a Political Pottage Mess

“I am a Christian, I am a Protestant, I am a Baptist . . . [and] my own personal religious faith . . . has developed out of my own personal experience in life as well. . . . [T]he tradition of which I’m a part recognizes the importance of personal communication with the deity, along with the lessons that come from Scripture.”
– Al Gore

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Scapegoating Christians: The New Nazism

John Sack’s An Eye for an Eye is a disheartening book. It tells the story of Jewish revenge against their German oppressors in 1945. The book describes how the Russian liberators of the death camps in Poland recruited holocaust survivors to carry out a policy of de-Nazification of the war-torn area. What began as a desire to find, incarcerate, and try their Nazi antagonists, the Jewish survivors became like their tormentors in that they went after noncombatants.

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Why Evolution is Impossible

Conservative columnist George Will has written that evolution is a ‘fact,’ and anyone who does not recognize this elementary truth endangers the ‘conservative coalition.’

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Winning over the Etch-a-Sketch

The debate between evolutionists and creationists has become so specialized that the average person with basic knowledge of biology cannot follow the argumentation.

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My Introductory Comments at the Dayton to Dothan

The debate between creation and evolution has a long history. The first public debate between a creationist and a Darwinist was probably the one where Samuel Wilberforce, bishop of Oxford, and Thomas H. Huxley, known as Darwin’s Bulldog

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Using the Wrong Text to Make a Point

Ken Ham of Answers in Genesis(AiG) sees the newly opened Creation Museum contributing to the fulfillment of Jesus’ prophetic words in Matthew 24:14:

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Why Dispensationalists Can’t Argue for a Young Earth and a Global Flood

Michael Ruse, Professor of Philosophy at Florida State University, devotes a chapter to the subject of eschatology in his book The Evolution-Creation Struggle.[1] He believes that the interpretive methodology of dispensational premillennialism is inexorably linked to the way its advocates defend their position on creation.

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