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Conservatism is dead … Long live progressivism

There was a man who bought a car in 1953. He loved that car and couldn’t imagine ever having to part with it. He took a great deal of care over it, and could often be seen in his driveway cleaning, polishing and repairing. But try as he might to preserve that car from time […]

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Ronald Reagan Tapped Into Unspoken Conservatives

The Rockefeller family had bankrolled liberal protestantism in America since the turn of the 20th century. In the 70s, Jimmy Carter was the Rockefeller’s man. But with the recession of 1980, and his liberal policies of other issues, Carter lost his foot-hold of popularity among conservatives. At a unique turning point for Carter’s re-election race, […]

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The Bulwarks of the Conservative Movement

The key book that led the conservative movement in the 20th century was “The Road to Serfdom” by the author F. A. Hayek. On the other end of the economic philosophical spectrum was John Maynard Keynes. These two economists were friends at Cambridge, but they were both battling for the economical worldviews of British leadership. […]

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Movie Magic Crippled Conservatives

In 1960, two movies, not made for money, sought to negatively influence the public opinion of Christianity. These movies, “Inherit the Wind” and “Elmer Gantry,” going hand-in-hand with the counter cultural movements of the 60s, led the conservative movement to go ‘underground’. This ultimately gave rise to a conservative movement’s comeback in the late 1970s. […]

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Bishop Sheen’s Morally Conservative America

Dr. Gary North, personal eyewitness to the development of the conservative movement throughout 1950-2010, an expert economist, highlights the behind-the-scenes events of the conservative movement from an insiders’ perspective. The publication of the The Freeman and National Review established the conservative movement throughout the last half of the 20th century, but the key conservative figure […]

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What’s the Modern Definition of a Conservative?

Adam Smith and Edmund Burke are the most significant figures of the founding in the conservative movement of America. Their similarities and differences in the early 19th century formed the basis for the traditional moral values group and the libertarian group comprised in the conservative movement. These two sides of the conservative movement have lasted […]

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Making Sense of the Conservative Movement

Today’s major political parties do not understand true conservative principles. Part of the cause for this is contemporary politicians do not know what the basis for the conservative movement is, or was, at the start of American history. Few resources and teachers today know what the history of the conservative movement is—how it got to […]

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Justified Constitutional Anger from Conservatives

Leftist politicians and media are more than willing to bend the truth. Conservatives are accused of being violent and rebellious in the manner they approach activism, and even voting. But the historical and present day record of facts shows that the left is consistently so themselves, and the conservatives demonstrate they know what the U.S. Constitution stands for and abide by it. Conservatives consistently live a proper decorum; leftists do not.

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Reba McEntire says “Don’t Judge Homosexuals”

Why do generally conservative people support liberal causes like homosexuality? Consider Ted Olson, the 42nd United States Solicitor General under George W. Bush, noted conservative, critic of Bill Clinton, and the attorney who delivered Bush’s oral argument before the Supreme Court in Bush v. Gore that settled the 2000 election. Olson has joined with David Boies to file a lawsuit in U.S. federal court to force federal recognition of same-sex marriage.

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It Can’t Happen Here

Sociologist William Brustein went to Berlin a few years ago to tour the city. As his bus tour passed the bunker where Hitler spent his last days, the guide told how Hitler had seized power and fooled the German people. He assured the tour that “It would never happen again.”

Brustein knew the guide was wrong. His many years of study had convinced him that “It could happen again.” Brustein knew he would need empirical data to prove that the elements that brought Hitler to power lie just below the surface of all societies.

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One’s Soul for a Political Pottage Mess

“I am a Christian, I am a Protestant, I am a Baptist . . . [and] my own personal religious faith . . . has developed out of my own personal experience in life as well. . . . [T]he tradition of which I’m a part recognizes the importance of personal communication with the deity, along with the lessons that come from Scripture.”
– Al Gore

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Religious Toleration & the End of Morality

Nearly every social commentator appeals to the conservative Christian community to be tolerant of other religious traditions. After all, we live in a religiously pluralistic society. The assumption is that religion is a benign choice, little different from picking one car model over another.

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