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Fight Eco-Catastrophe: ‘Sterilize Yourself and Get a Horse’

“Extinction Rebellion.” Yes, it’s a real organization with radical views. Some women are paralyzed by fear of the future. For them, human-created climate change is real and most likely irreversible. After hearing a lecture by a representative of Extinction Rebellion, Blythe Pepino changed her desire to have children: “I realised that even though I wanted […]

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Climate Alarmism is the Left’s Apocalypticism

On Rush Limbaugh’s program yesterday (6.24.19), Rush spent some time discussing the HBO show Big Little Lies and how a teacher was scaring children that the world was going to end soon because of Climate Change. One student is so distraught that she hides in a closet and faints. “She’s lying unconscious in the closet. […]

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How ‘Climate Change’ Alarmism Is Ruining the Future for Some Young People

Climate alarmism is becoming climate fanaticism and extremism. In order to sell the belief that Earth is doomed so that governments can expand their taxing authority and power, outrageous claims are being made. Unfortunately, many people don’t know how to evaluate evidence. If enough authorities say something is true, then it must be true. I […]

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