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Something Else You Never Learned in School

In less than one week, no one will be publicly celebrating the sesquicentennial of one of the oddest events in American history: General Grant’s expulsion of the Jews from his military district on December 17, 1862. Jonathan D. Sarna, who teaches history at Brandeis University, has written a book on this event, one which gets […]

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Six Myths of American History

There are six prevalent myths taught about American history over pivotal matters of importance. Call them humanist tall tales, if you wish. They’re as fictional and sensational as the wild stories of Pecos Bill and Paul Bunyan with his big, blue ox, but unlike those American myths, these have long been presented as historical fact by the academic institutions of our fair land. These myths have duped far too many Christians in our day, leading them to devote their efforts to combat the wrong things, or to […]

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“The Conspirator” Movie Review

The Civil War didn’t end when Robert E. Lee surrendered to the north. Well, not for some southerners. After President Lincoln was assassinated, Yanks brought the conspirators to court for trial. Among the convicted: Mary Surratt. What became of her? Did the northern court give the southerners a fair trial? “The Conspirator” movie by Robert […]

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North and South, Red and Blue

April 12, 2011 marked the 150th anniversary of the beginning of the American Civil War (better described as The War Between the States, or more precisely The War of Northern Aggression). One of the seldom heard facts about the War is that, among all of the bloodshed and brokenness, a great revival of Christianity took […]

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Rewriting History

D.W. Griffith directed the 1915 epic-making silent film masterpiece The Birth of a Nation, based on the play by Thomas Dixon called The Clansman. The purpose of the film was to rewrite the history of the South and the Civil War. The title The Clansman was changed to The Birth of a Nation to give […]

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An Indian Fighter Seeks His Destiny

In today’s publicity-seeking world, George Armstrong Custer would have felt right at home. Much of his reputation was formed by the media. Correspondents, who joined Custer on his military campaigns, helped establish his reputation with their positive reporting. With long blonde curls sprinkled with cinnamon oil, flamboyant dress, and large ego, Custer understood good public […]

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Harry Reid Wants to Reinstitute Slavery

Sen. Harry Reid of Nevada has described opponents of the controversial government healthcare bill as equivalent to those who opposed an immediate end to slavery. “You think you’ve heard these same excuses before? You’re right,” Reid said. “In this country there were those who dug in their heels and said, ‘Slow down, it’s too early. […]

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