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The Second Most Important Government

Diamonds worth millions of dollars can change hands based on trust. There are no contracts, lawyers, or signatures. All deals take place verbally. A person’s word is his bond. This trust is sealed with a handshake and the following words – “Good Luck and Blessing,” spoken in Hebrew. Trust is a form of self-government. There […]

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The biblical origins of separation of Church and State

Pastor John MacArthur sat down for an interview with Ben Shapiro. I was glad to see this happen. MacArthur did a good job in presenting the gospel clearly and without compromise. Unfortunately, Shapiro, who is Jewish and very smart, failed to pick up on a big mistake made by MacArthur. (There were other mistakes, too. […]

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Establishing Christian leadership: qualifications to lead

It is not enough to have “conservative” rulers who merely follow after the traditions of men. Christians should be working for Christian leaders whose lives are conformed to the image of Jesus Christ and who seek to make the Word of God the law of the land. Moreover, Christians must preach the whole counsel of […]

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How Liberals Love to Mix the Bible and Politics (Sometimes)

Liberals will use the Bible with their politics when they believe it defends a position that supports their agenda. You’ll even find liberals using the Bible to support homosexual marriage by quoting familiar passages like Matthew 7:1–2 and Mark 12:31 but ignoring Matthew 19:1–12 and other anti-homosexual passages (Rom. 1:18–32; 1 Cor. 6;9–11; 1 Tim. […]

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Is the Fed Too Big to Fail?

The mark of political sovereignty is legal immunity from failure.  For example, the government of the United States cannot be sued without its consent.  It is above the law.  It must consent to expose itself to the possibility of failure in a court. In school, we are taught about an ancient idea that is long […]

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Justification By Secularism Alone

Classical liberals hold to the idea that civil government should be based on secular absolutes. The thing is, secularists can’t agree on what the absolutes are! Gary DeMar gives perspective for why secularism simply cannot be the basis for morality without taking principles from religious ethics.

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What the Tea Party Movement Must Never Forget

What is government? When this question is asked, most people re­spond by equating government solely to a centralized civil State. Even our lan­guage reflects the confusion: “Government? It’s in Washington,” or “The government will take care of its citizens through its many programs.” Both of these statements reflect a misunderstanding of the true nature of government. They portray the idea that the only governing institution is a political one. Historically, however, the term “government” was always qualified in some way, unlike our present-day definitions.

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