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Jesus ‘Meek and Mild’ and Easy to Cage

  For years liberals have turned the Christmas story into a political lecture. The birth of Jesus is political and everything else. Herod the Great was the first to understand the threat to the political and economic status quo: After Jesus was born in Bethlehem in Judea, during the time of King Herod [the Great], […]

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Of Christmas and Christmas Trees

Every year, Christmas gets a drubbing by some Christians. Here’s one example sent to American Vision: Deuteronomy 12:30 says that God hates these things, and we are not to inquire of them to do like-wise unto the Lord. King Ahaz did this very thing, and paid for it, trying to bring something from a pagan […]

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Why a Star?

Frequently, around Christmas time, we are treated to yet another (often just a repeat of previous “findings”) naturalistic explanation of the biblical “Star of Bethlehem.” Natural explanations of biblical phenomena can sometimes have their place, but they can also be diversions—for unbelievers and believers alike. A far better approach for believers is to know and […]

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‘Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol’ Review

‘Mission: Impossible’ baffles your mind with it’s larger-than-life daring do’s by the indefatigable spy of the IMF, Ethan Hunt. In this tall tale, he’s up against Russian terrorists that will stop at nothing to destroy mankind. “Oh, my goodness!” So does ‘Ghost Protocol’ prove yet again that there really isn’t such a thing as ‘the impossible’ for these secret agents? Is director Brad Bird’s debut to live-action filmmaking live up to his roster of family-oriented animated films? Find out now on Movieology!

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Hitler’s War on Christmas

Every December a battle ensues over the acknowledgement that the 25th is a celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ. It’s called Christmas. Retailers who make a boat load of money during the Christmas season have tried to walk the narrow line of political correctness by using the less religious “Happy Holidays” greeting. They don’t […]

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Was Jesus a Liberal?

The American Family Association is promoting a “Naughty or Nice?” Christmas campaign by listing the top retailers and how they recognize Christmas. There are three categories: 1. Companies that use the term “Christmas” on a regular basis are considered Christmas-friendly. 2. Companies that refer to Christmas infrequently, or in a single advertising medium, but not […]

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The Most Controversial “Holiday”

Here in America, there is tension among many retailers about whether to put up a Christmas Tree or not, while a posh hotel in the United Arab Emirates has the world’s most expensive Christmas Tree in its lobby. Then there are the liberals who try to say Christmas is about a homeless couple. Why is […]

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A Black and White Dark Night

Forget for a minute that you exist. Forget about your life, what it is and what you expected it would be. Forget about your likes and dislikes, your preferences and annoyances, your motivations and discouragements. Forget that you have a mother and a father, brothers and sisters, aunts and uncles, co-workers and colleagues. Forget that […]

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Is Christmas Really Just a Pagan Holiday in Disguise?

Every year as winter rolls around, the debate over Christmas is rejoined. People get fired up over whether others say “Merry Christmas” or not. Some say that Christmas is just a pagan celebration and Christians should have no part of it. Watch this episode of Vantage Point for a worldview discussion of this very topic.

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“The Patch” and Christmas

(Gary DeMar: Since graduating from high school in 1968, I’ve reconnected with a number of classmates, many of whom I had not seen in 40 years until I attended our school’s class reunion in 2008. It’s amazing to find that many of them are Christians. John Ryce is one of them. His story is very […]

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Good Will Toward Men

The Christmas season is one of traditions. Advent calendars, Christmas trees, egg nog, fruitcake, caroling, and good will toward men are just a few of the many traditions that have come to signify the entire experience of Christmas. While many may disagree about which traditions should or should not be celebrated (for instance, fruitcake does […]

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The Christmas Story is Not about a Homeless Couple

With Congress wrangling over amnesty for illegal aliens, the budget, taxes, earmarks, and the extension of unemployment benefits, it won’t be long before we hear liberals telling conservatives how unchristian they are for not voting for more government aid to help the poor. And they will appeal to the Bible in an attempt to make […]

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