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Dr. White’s Review of a Review

On January 30, 2009 Joel McDurmon posted an article on the American Vision website regarding his attendance at my debate with Bart Ehrman on January 21 that was held at the Airport Sheraton in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. I appreciate the opportunity to respond to specific statements that appeared in that article.

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An Overview of My Debate

I was riding my bicycle up South Mountain, a 7 mile long ascent with portions hitting a 12% grade. I was listening to an interview on Issues Etc., and the guest was Bart Ehrman. Ehrman had burst onto the textual critical scene with his 1993 work, The Orthodox Corruption of Scripture. His new book, Misquoting Jesus, was a popularization of much of what was in the earlier, scholarly work, along with general information about the history of textual criticism, interwoven with Ehrman’s conclusions.

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We All Stand On and For Something

When thinking of the famous Greek scientist and great man of physics, Archimedes, (287 B.C.—212 B.C.) you might recall the historical account that has him running naked through the streets of Syracuse in Sicily crying Eureka,

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Eviscerating Evolution: Part 3

Patience and more patience are your watchwords since you know that he’s (she’s) the semi-naïve, hyper-indoctrinated victim of humanist-centered schemes. (And be more kind than necessary. Remember that everyone you meet is fighting some kind of battle.) You’ll do well to pause and listen often; something that will get easier with time and the confidence that comes with experience. Here’s the core issue: You say God exists; your humanized victim disagrees, and you both have reasons for your convictions. So where to start?

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Eviscerating Evolution: Part 2

Presuppositional apologetics (PA) is a powerful tool and arguably the best one going for evangelizing (see Part 1), among others, two special groups. Hard-core unbelievers super-secularized, "sure hope he actually is a Christian," teenager. Polls show that thousands of young public-schooled church-goers are weak in the faith. For youth who seem solid, even one semester at Humanist State U is often all it takes to cut down their faith for years if not forever. But when a program (of what can be very enjoyable) parent-child teamwork is applied at home in the honing of PA skills, it nearly guarantees they won’t fall between the cracks at Secular U.

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Atheists Need You to be Ignorant

One way to change worldview perceptions is to keep people ignorant. The public schools have done a great job in shifting worldview thinking from theism to humanism right under the noses of parents who extol the virtues of America’s government education system. Consider how textbooks handle the subject of religion in the founding of America. One elementary school social studies book has thirty pages of material "on the Pilgrims," Paul Vitz writes, "including the first Thanksgiving. But there is not one word (or image) that referred to religion as even a part of the Pilgrims’" life.

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Has the Ghost of Antonio Gramsci Returned?

Under the Marxists, education had to be centralized in order to reshape the minds of the young so that they could more easily conform to the new social and political ideology. The State would become the educator, the new parent.

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Can a 140-year-old book defeat the ACLU?

Publishing and distributing biblical worldview training materials is our number one priority at American Vision. Why? The following email from Joseph in Pennsylvania says it all.

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Christian Bashing: The Last Acceptable Form of Bigotry

"Christian bashing, the last acceptable form of bigotry in America, is alive and well and growing more intense and hysterical by the day. For decades, desperate secularists and cultural elites have stereotyped and marginalized conservative Christians in an effort to stop their growing influence on American culture. And the defamation of Christians by progressives

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Are Questions about Religion Bigotry?

All the God-talk in politics is upsetting some people. The media are picking up on this uneasy feeling among the electorate and are fanning the flames of a growing hostility in order to disenfranchise Christian conservative votes.

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It Might Help to Read the Constitution

A recent USA Today article reported that most Americans believe the nation’s founders wrote Christianity into the Constitution.

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Thomas Jefferson and the Koran

The opening line of the “Marines’ Hymn” – “From the Halls of Montezuma, to the shores of Tripoli” – commemorates the Mexican War (1846-1848) and the war with Tripoli when Marines took Part 1n the capture of Derna on April 27, 1805.

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