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‘Kung Fu Panda 2’ Review – Movieology

‘Kung Fu Panda 2’ lives up to the hype of its predecessor, but does it have redemptive value that transcends the comical relief and action? Kung fu martial arts are filled with pagan mystical ideals, so does this movie reflect those values? Stewart Adams reveals the not-so subtle messages and worldview issues at play in this latest Dreamworks Animation film in this review from Movieology!

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‘Thor’ Movie Review – Movieology

‘Thor’ rocked superhero mythos in the box office this past opening weekend with $65.7 million in ticket sales—good for an unheard of Viking god turned comic book hero.  Is there a redeeming message and morally uplifting value to this pagan god story? Or is this another supplanting of the Christian faith by robbing true religion […]

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‘Fast Five’ Movie Review – Movieology

‘The Fast and The Furious’ franchise is known for its non-stop action, out of control racing stunts, poor acting and a generally complimentary view of theft and crime. Does the newest iteration, ‘Fast Five,’ with its sizable lineup of returning cast members provide any more depth than its predecessors?  Or is it just more of […]

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Soul Surfer Movie Review – Movieology

“Soul Surfer” has made a splash amongst Christian audiences. While some are deeming it the best Christian film in ages, others see it has watered down secularized rubbish. Has Hollywood delivered a real spiritual journey in the life of famed surfer Bethany Hamilton, or are we presented with a flick that mars the Christian message? […]

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The Lincoln Lawyer Review – Movieology

The Lincoln Lawyer is about a defense attorney who conducts his business from the back of his Lincoln Towncar. Attorney Mick Haller, played by Matthew McConaughey, has made a name for himself defending run-of-the-mill thugs and ruffians, but he may be in over his head defending a rich, society boy accused of rape and murder. […]

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The Private-Zoo Factor

There are numerous Christians who believe that a personal, private faith is all the gospel requires. Os Guinness described this as “The Private-Zoo Factor,”[1] a religion that is caged so that it loses its wildness. When true Christianity is applied to any part of the world, it blossoms far more fully and colorfully than any other worldview. Contrary successful worldviews must borrow from the Christian worldview in order for them to work. When pagans stopped believing that they lived in “an enchanted forest” and that “glens and groves, rocks and streams are alive with spirits, sprites, demons” and “nature teems with sun gods, river goddesses, [and] astral deities,”[2] at that moment the world and everything in it changed. Everything seemed possible within the boundaries of God’s Providence and law. A Christian worldview made science possible and civil government ministerial rather than messianic. Stanley Jaki, the author of numerous books on the relationship between Christianity and science, comments . . .

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The Power and Authority of Words

In the New Testament, the Greek word for "authority" is sometimes translated as "power." Even though there is a separate Greek word for power, the concepts of power and authority are so intimately connected in the Western mind, that modern translators often view them as synonyms. But translations aside, there is a biblical distinction that should be made between authority and power.

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The Christian America Debate Continues

Every society is founded on some ultimate principle. It might be the absolutism of a single ruler, the majority-rule concept of a pure democracy where the “voice of the people is considered to be the voice of God” (vox populi, vox dei), or an oligarchy where a self-appointed group of experts claim sovereignty and control. A system of values (laws) flows from this fundamental operating principle even among regimes as diverse as Nazism, Communism, Fascism, and Socialism. Fidel Castro and Hugo Chavez make the claim that their socialistic system of rule is the best form government. Adolf Hitler made the same argument for his brand of National Socialism as did Lenin and Stalin for Communism. No government ever argues that its system is evil and bad for the people.

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Retiring the Gods from Politics

Recently I have received a number of emails from atheists. This isn’t unusual since American Vision publishes a number of books refuting common atheist arguments, and I’ve written a few articles on the subject as well. American Vision has published four books refuting three top-dog atheists: Letter from a Christian Citizen, Return of the Village Atheist, God Is, and The Deluded Atheist.

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Screening of Collision in Dallas

For a few months now I have been working with a group of producers in the development of the film Collision: Is Christianity Good for the World (Christopher Hitchens vs. Douglas Wilson). This is one of the most unique debate presentations I have ever seen. While I have participated in traditional talking-head debates, I found the approach taken by award winning music video director Darren Doane in Collision to be so compelling that it might end up changing the way debates are produced. On March 20 and 21, Collision was shown to a group of Christians and atheists at the Christian Book Expo held in Dallas, Texas.

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One’s Soul for a Political Pottage Mess

“I am a Christian, I am a Protestant, I am a Baptist . . . [and] my own personal religious faith . . . has developed out of my own personal experience in life as well. . . . [T]he tradition of which I’m a part recognizes the importance of personal communication with the deity, along with the lessons that come from Scripture.”
– Al Gore

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Honoring a Dying Man’s Request

I was driving north on I-75 toward Knoxville in late May 2008 on my way to a speaking engagement in Morgantown, West Virginia, when I received a phone call from my office. “Gary, a man just called. He said that he was dying and that he had to talk with you.” I knew it was Chris Hoops. He had been ill for some time from a failing liver. Chris was a godly man who understood the Christian heritage of our nation and how it had been forgotten. Not only had he been fighting for his life for more than 25 years, he was fighting to return this nation back to its Christian foundation. When I got Chris’ message, I immediately called him.

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