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Christian Writer Asks, “Will Trump Enable Third Temple Construction?”

When will this last days madness end? Christians have been preoccupied with making unbiblical claims about Bible prophecy for centuries. I thought it would all be over after the so-called rapture did not occur in 1988. Here we are more than 30 years later, and the prophetic claims keep coming based on the same arguments […]

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What Does the Bible Mean by the ‘Last Days’ and Jesus’ Coming?

The “coming” referred to by Jesus in John 21 refers, “not till his second coming to judge the quick and the dead at the last day” but the coming “in his power … on the Jewish nation, in the destruction of their city and temple by the Romans [in AD 70].”

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Is Rebuilding the Temple the Next Event on the Prophetic Timeline?

An Israeli political party official wants to rebuild the temple in Jerusalem. He doesn’t want to wait for years. He wants to begin now. Of course, there’s a practical problem because the Muslim Dome of the Rock and the Al-Aqsa Mosque are on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. Then there’s the theological problem. Rebuilding the […]

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Wars and Rumors of Wars: An Introduction

Wars and Rumors of Wars Audio Commentary By Gary DeMar ******************** The first three audio presentations cover the Introduction to Wars and Rumors of Wars. I do not cover everything that’s in the book. You’ll want the book edition to study the Bible references and footnotes. The fourth audio in this series is a critique […]

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Does the martyrdom of Antipas in Revelation 2:13 support the late-date composition of Revelation?

FREE PDF eBook download of “Does the Martyrdom of Antipas in Revelation 2:13 Support the Late-Date Composition of Revelation?” One key argument in the debates over the interpretation of the book of Revelation is the date of its composition. Nearly all dispensationalists and other proponents of Last Days Madness and End Times Fiction demand the “late […]

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The day of the Lord and Romans 13:11–14

Romans 13:11–14 has been taken in many ways by interpreters, and this can cause considerable confusion for those wanting to understand exactly what Paul was saying here. First, the verses in question read: Besides this you know the time, that the hour has come for you to wake from sleep. For salvation is nearer to […]

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BP and Bible Prophecy

In order to understand the book of Revelation you have to read it against the backdrop of the Old Testament, and you also have to understand the subject matter and the timing as to when these events were to take place. The book of Revelation isn’t describing events in the distant future, it’s describing events […]

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