Gary recorded a ten-part series based on his book God and Government a few years back and this episode is the first two parts of that series.

Government within our American Christian heritage which was formulated from biblical principles, begins with the individual and extends outward to include all institutions. Presently, however, most Americans are unaware of the varied nature of government. The civil government has assumed responsibility to be the government. It is sad that many Americans are thankful that Washington has relieved them from what they believe is the heavy burden of governing themselves, their families, churches, and schools. If the people of the United States do not once again establish self, family, church, local, state, and national governments in their proper places of power and authority, our nation is doomed.

The central focus of all realms of government is the regenerating work of Jesus Christ. Institutions and civil governments are made up of people who are governed by the condition of their hearts. If the heart is in rebellion against God, we can expect undisciplined and ungovernable people. If the heart has been made new in Christ, we can expect a people who will govern their lives according to the governing principles of Scripture. A. A. Hodge speaks of the essence of the new heart, regeneration, as consisting of “the implantation of a new governing principle of life—from the fact that it is a ‘new birth’ [John 3:3], a ‘new creation’ [2 Corinthians 5:17], wrought by the mighty power of God in execution of his eternal purpose of salvation, and that it is as necessary for the most moral and amiable as for the morally abandoned.”[1]

God and Government

God and Government

With a fresh new look, more images, an extensive subject and scripture index, and an updated bibliography, God and Government is ready to prepare a whole new generation to take on the political and religious battles confronting Christians today. May it be used in a new awakening of Christians in America—not just to inform minds, but to stimulate action and secure a better tomorrow for our posterity.

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Gary recorded a ten-part series based on his book God and Government a few years back and this episode is the first two parts of that series. He answers many questions about government—what is it, how does it operate, how is it defined biblically, and much more. A well-governed society doesn’t mean that it has its politics in order; it means that its citizens are well-governed within themselves. A society of well-governed people yields a well-governed society. It’s bottom-up, not top-down.

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[1] A. A. Hodge, A Commentary on the Confession of Faith (Philadelphia, PA: Presbyterian Board of Publications, 1869), 238.