Gary talks about recent comments from Elon Musk and an English rapper named Zuby.

Unbelief leads to the destruction of every department of the university. But consider, more broadly, the modern university itself. Not only is there cancer growing in every department intellectually, but the university as a whole has no center, no unity. Originally, the university was called the uni-versity because something was uniting all the diversity of departments. There was a unity to the way the diversity of areas of life were going to be explored. The world was seen as a universe, and so there was a university, a united study of how all of life coheres.

What was the unity that originally informed education? It was the Christian worldview. We believed in God, His creation, man and woman and their place in the universe. We shared a view of how we know what we know and how we should live our lives. Then, with this common perspective, we could specialize and focus on understanding what God has done in the areas of music or literature or history or physics or biology, and so on.

There was unity to the curriculum. But I guarantee that unbelievers will say that there is no unity to the modern university. It has become a multiversity. What you hear in one department will conflict with what you hear in another department, particularly in terms of their underlying assumptions.

We’ve only scraped the surface, but I hope you get the point. Start looking at the consequences of rejecting the Christian worldview. When people offer you an argument against Christianity and in favor of some other perspective on life, you have the right to say, “What does this understanding produce? What does it bring about?” Look at the fruit that is being produced and ask, “Is this anything people would want to eat?” How many people are satisfied with the modern university and its inability to have foundations in any department?

The Impossibility of the Contrary

The Impossibility of the Contrary

If religious skeptics have forsaken biblical presuppositions, why is it they can think rationally, apply the scientific method, and require some semblance of morality? The answer is simple. Unbelievers are philosophically schizophrenic. They don’t often live consistently with the governing principles of their materialistic worldview. For example, “The success of modern science has been due to its ‘borrowed capital,’ because modern science is like the prodigal son. He left his father’s house and is rich, but the substance he expends is his father’s wealth."

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Gary talks about recent comments from Elon Musk and an English rapper named Zuby. Both have opinions about Christianity—although Musk’s are somewhat contradictory—and how civilization absolutely needs it. There is a growing understanding that the promises of the Enlightenment and humanism have been left unfulfilled, with no future hope in sight.

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