Gary comments on a few recent video clips where leftist narratives are being exposed and challenged.

There’s a difference between believing something and being able to justify that belief. I believe certain things about the health of the human body. But if you were to push hard, you would find that I don’t have enough information to be able to justify all the beliefs that I have. In many cases, I would just fall back on, “That’s what my doctor told me.” If I’m not able to justify my belief, does that mean it’s not true? No. But I certainly can’t be very persuasive if I’m not able to offer a justification.

What if I say, “I believe that it’s 96 degrees outside”? How is that different from saying, “I know that it’s 96 degrees outside”? What is the difference between believing a proposition and knowing a proposition? The answer is that knowledge is a true belief. I can believe things that are false. I could believe that I’m in Bend, Oregon, and that would be false.

But is every true belief a case of knowledge? I could believe that the winning lottery number tonight will be 6-8-0-9-3. Let’s say we wait to find out and the lottery number comes up and—“I’ve won the lottery. That was the number!” Could I say, “I knew it”? No. This is common English parlance, but it is not a good philosophical analysis. Did I know it? No. Did I believe it? I believed it enough to buy the ticket. Was it true? Yes. I believed it. It was true. But did I know it? No. What did I lack? Proof.

I lacked justification for my belief. When I know something, I believe it. It’s true, and I have evidence for it. I can prove it or, if you prefer, justify or account for it. Simply put, knowledge is justified true belief. Not just true belief but justified true belief.

Against All Opposition

Against All Opposition

An apologetic methodology that claims Christians should be "open," "objective," and "tolerant" of all opinions when they defend the Christian faith is like a person who plans to stop a man from committing suicide by taking the hundred-story plunge with him, hoping to convince the lost soul on the way down. No one in his right mind would make such a concession to foolishness. But Christians do it all the time when they adopt the operating presuppositions of unbelievers. There are no "neutral" assumptions about reality.

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Gary comments on a few recent video clips where leftist narratives are being exposed and challenged. He points out that the information is readily available, and opposing voices are being lifted against the mainstream media’s consistent leftist propaganda. These voices need to be sought out, but they exist and are steadily gaining traction.

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