Gary interviews Rhonda Thomas about the current trend in education: social and emotional learning.

The goals of the humanists are clear and forthright. They hide nothing and demand everything. The humanist agenda has been relentless in its efforts to remake man and the world in the image of autonomous man. There is no compromise or lack of vision on their part. The humanist worldview is comprehensive.

A concerted and planned effort has been made by humanist thinkers to “capture the robes” of society by working for an ideological monopoly in the areas of education, law, science, and religion. For too long, Christians have believed that an arena of neutrality and immunity exists where humanists and Christians can discuss issues based on an “objective” study of the facts. Unfortunately, the humanists never adopted the neutrality myth while they sold it to us at a very high price.

While Christians have been sold the spoiled goods of neutrality, fair play, objectivity, toleration, and pluralism, the humanists have been promoting and implementing their worldview in every area of life while denying what they tell us we should believe. It’s unfortunate that many Christians still believe that neutrality is possible and that humanists strive to pursue objectivity in education. Nothing could be further from the truth. All facts are interpreted facts, and humanists want them interpreted without any regard for God and His Word.

Whoever Controls the Schools Rules the World

Whoever Controls the Schools Rules the World

It's been said that "the philosophy of the classroom in this generation will be the philosophy of life in the next generation." Our earliest founding fathers understood this. That's why, after building homes and churches, they established educational institutions like Harvard, Yale, Columbia, and Dartmouth. Over time, most Christians have adopted the false premise that facts are neutral. They believe it doesn't matter who teaches math, science, and history, because facts are facts. The humanists took advantage of this type of thinking by gradually shaping and controlling education in terms of materialist assumptions.

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Gary interviews Rhonda Thomas about the current trend in education: social and emotional learning. Children are being indoctrinated in the classroom, but you knew that already. However, it doesn’t stop with the public schools; these educational policies are also entering and being taught in Christian schools, albeit with a Bible verse or two.

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