Gary responds to a lady that claimed the Bible was a book of fairy tales and that American Vision is a hate group.

Some people want to know how we can defend the Bible as the Word of God or Christianity as a worldview. Dr. Cornelius Van Til (1895–1987) used to put it this way: Our apologetic is that unless Christianity is true, you can’t prove anything at all. To put it in a sophisticated way, the Christian worldview is the transcendental precondition of intelligibility. It is the precondition—what must be the case and what must be assumed to be the case—for anything in human experience to be intelligible.

The atheistic materialist says, “Christianity is not true. There is no God. There is no soul. There is no afterlife. There’s just this life. There’s just matter. That’s all there is. There is no spiritual reality; there’s just the physical cosmos.” If that were the case, you couldn’t know that it is the case and you couldn’t prove anything at all.

The atheist cannot give a basis for moral absolutes. That isn’t just a way to show that atheists must allow for sexual perversion, abortion, murder, and all the rest. It’s also a way of showing that the atheist can’t even do academic work.

In fact, we do find in university settings the falsification of lab reports for the sake of getting funding to do work. People are motivated by money or by fame to falsify reports in order to make themselves out to be the first to have discovered some new scientific theory. It’s embarrassing, because all the research and the laboratory work done in the hard sciences assumes the honesty of the researcher. It assumes that you’re going to make an accurate report of what you found out from the white rats you’ve been working with. If you start changing the statistics to make it look as if your hypothesis really was true, who’s going to come along and do the months and months of research to find that you were lying? Where are the checks and balances in a world where moral absolutes can’t be accounted for in a matter-only cosmos given the operating assumptions of the atheistic worldview?\

If you were an atheist, you should say, “So what? It’s different strokes for different folks. This is how I get my money. This is how I get my fame. This is what makes me happy.” But the embarrassment of the university, the embarrassment of the professor, the embarrassment of a friend over the fact that scientists sometimes lie shows that they believe there are moral absolutes.

Against All Opposition

Against All Opposition

The starting point is the God of the Bible. The Bible begins with this foundational presupposition: “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth” (Gen. 1:1). Against All Opposition lays out the definitive apologetic model to help believers understand the biblical method of defending the Christian faith.

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Gary responds to a lady that claimed the Bible was a book of fairy tales and that American Vision is a hate group. Her claims are so flimsy as to be laughable, but it’s a good opportunity for a lesson in presuppositional apologetics. Atheists constantly borrow capital from Christianity in order to argue against it and never once credit the Bible from which they are stealing their ethical code.

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