Gary examines two recent articles about biblical inerrancy and “pornographic” content in the Bible.

Henry Morris explains in his book The Biblical Basis for Modern Science, that the Bible’s approach to worldview issues is comprehensive and includes science, technology, the humanities, commerce, law, civil government, and education, in short, every facet of human culture. There is nothing new in this perspective. It was assumed by most well-read Christians that the Bible applied to all of life:

[L]ong before [the Great Commission] another great commission was given to all men, whether saved or un-saved, merely by virtue of being men created by God in His image. It also had worldwide scope, and has never been rescinded. It had to do with implementing God’s purpose in His work of creation, just as Christ’s commission was for implementing His work of salvation and reconciliation.[1]

Morris says that the command to subdue the earth means “bringing all earth’s systems and processes into a state of optimum productivity and utility, offering the greatest glory to God and benefit to mankind.”[2]

In his introduction to Carl Henry’s influential work The Uneasy Conscience of Modern Fundamentalism, Harold J. Ockenga expresses a similar emphasis based on Jesus’ words that make up the Great Commission:

A Christian world-and life-view embracing world questions, societal needs, personal education ought to rise out of Matt. 28:18–21 as much as evangelism does. Culture depends on such a view, and Fundamentalism is prodigally dissipating the Christian culture accretion of centuries, a serious sin. A sorry answer lies in the abandonment of social fields to the secularist.[3]

Dominion is an “inescapable concept.” Dominion will be exercised by someone, some group, some religion, or some political system. The question is: “What standard will be used to “take dominion”? R.J. Rushdoony writes: “Dominion does not disappear when a man renounces it; it is simply transferred to another person, perhaps to his wife, children, employer, or the state. Where the individual surrenders his due dominion, where the family abdicates it, and the worker and employer reduce it, there another party, usually the state, concentrates dominion. Where organized society surrenders power, the mob gains it proportionate to the surrender.”[4]

Myths, Lies, and Half-Truths

Myths, Lies, and Half-Truths

Takes a closer look at God's Word and applies it to erroneous misinterpretations of the Bible that have resulted in a virtual shut-down of the church's full-orbed mission in the world (Acts 20:27). Due to these mistaken interpretations and applications of popular Bible texts to contemporary issues, the Christian faith is being thrown out and trampled under foot by men (Matt. 5:13).

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Gary examines two recent articles about biblical inerrancy and “pornographic” content in the Bible. People continue to make baffling statements of ignorance about the Bible and what it contains. Skeptics—and pastors—trying to accommodate modern social issues don’t seem to understand that they are assuming a biblical worldview in order to argue against it. Just “telling people about Jesus” or censoring content misses the need for the foundational information found in the Old Testament.

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