Gary interviews the late Dr. Gary North about his own personal history and how he came to know and be mentored by Dr. Rousas Rushdoony.

Eventually, men confess their true faith, even men who do not expect to win. This is an important theological point. Men’s ability to remain confessionally lukewarm is drastically limited. They cannot always remain silent. Rushdoony has called this the phenomenon of necessary confession.

Confession is a necessary aspect of man’s psychology and nature. Man was created by God to be a confessing creature, to confess God in all his activities, research, study, and science. In every area, man makes a religious confession in all that he does and is. Man’s life is a confession before the world of the faith and purpose which govern his heart. Man’s life is also a continual confession before God and to God. Every thought and motive is naked and open before God… For the unregenerate, the God of Scripture is a prying God who must be barred from the mind of man. His resentment against such sovereign power is intense. His thoughts are his totally private property, and he will not allow to God title over a single thought.[1]

Covenant-breaking man’s problem is guilt. “The sinner refuses to confess his sins to God and to acknowledge his guilt, and he refuses to confess Christ in his daily life and motives, but he does not thereby escape the need for confession. Where men refuse to make a godly confession, they will make an ungodly one. They will confess with their lives, thoughts, and deeds, their rebellion against God, and they will confess with their mouth their sins with a bravado or in spite of themselves.”[2]

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Gary interviews the late Dr. Gary North about his own personal history and how he came to know and be mentored by Dr. Rousas Rushdoony. North and Rushdoony heavily influenced 20th century theology with their voluminous books about a great deal of topics. The legacy of Rushdoony is still being felt today, more than 60 years after his first book was published in 1959.

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